Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries and Booze Delivered to Your Door in One Hour

by Hank Coleman

My wife and I have been an Amazon Prime member for years now, and we love it. But, I was even more blown away by Amazon Prime Now when we stumbled on it this week.

Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries and Booze Delivered in One Hour

What Is Amazon Prime Now

About a year ago, Amazon introduced an expansion of their Amazon Prime service called Amazon Prime Now. Amazon Prime Now gives Prime members in select markets one-hour delivery on more than 10,000 items.

Most of the items are grocery related, but there are some of the other standard Amazon wares included as well. You can also purchase select items from categories including electronics, household products, apparel, personal care products, and toys. 

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While Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery is included in the cost of your Amazon Prime membership, there is an $8 delivery fee for the one-hour delivery service of Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now is currently in 24 markets across the United States, and it’s expanding quickly.

Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries and Booze Delivered in One Hour

How We Found Amazon Prime Now

So, after spending the last two years living in Tennessee, I’ve gotten into whiskey and bourbon. So, I’m always on the hunt for a great, new whiskey to try out.

Recently, featured an article about Amazon Prime Now on their blog. In a few select cities like New York City, Minneapolis, and Seattle, you can have beer, wine, and liquor delivered right to your doorstep in one hour thanks to Amazon Prime Now.

Of course, Amazon Prime Now doesn’t deliver booze throughout the Bible Belt. But, it still got me thinking. And, my wife and I looked into Amazon Prime Now. It might be really nice to have some of the things we forgot to pick up at the grocery store the other day delivered to the house. This would keep us from having to make another run to the store.

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Review – Ordering Groceries Through Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries and Booze Delivered in One HourNow that we’ve moved near Richmond, Amazon Prime Now delivers in our area. So, we decided to give Amazon Prime Now a try. We were intrigued and curious more than we really needed groceries delivered in an hour.

To test out the service we ordered:

  • Eggs
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Hot sauce
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • And a few other things we forgot the other day

The delivery charge is $8. But, they also offered an option to have our groceries delivered the next morning instead for free!

Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries and Booze Delivered in One HourBeing the overly frugal person that I am and since we really didn’t need the groceries right away, my wife and I opted for the next day option. I couldn’t justify spending the $8 on milk, eggs, bread, and a few other things when there is a grocery store literally one mile down the street from our house.

It was a lot like setting up a time for the internet company to come and install service at our house. We choose a delivery window (between 12 – 2pm). And, unlike regular packages, someone has to be at home to receive and sign for them. We were having milk and eggs delivered after all, and no one wants those sitting on a hot porch for too long.

Right after 12 o’clock a man in his personal car drove up to our house with two grocery sacks filled with all of the items that we had ordered. Amazon Prime Now is using local grocery stores to fill many of the orders. And, ours had come from a store in the northern suburbs of Richmond.

Incredibly Impressed with Amazon Prime Now

Not a single egg was broken, and the milk arrived nice and cold. I have to admit that we were very impressed with the Amazon Prime Now service.

It was very convenient, fast, and affordable. The prices for the grocery items were exactly what you would have paid for them in your local grocery store. My wife and I couldn’t find any items that were drastically overpriced from what they would normally bit.

We’ll definitely be using Amazon Prime Now off and on through the coming months especially when we forget something during a normal grocery store run. And, by the looks of it, we won’t be alone.

According to, Prime Now is popular among regular Amazon Prime members. Over 25% of Amazon Prime subscribers are buying items through Amazon Prime Now.

And, recent statistics show that 70% of Amazon Prime Now users are purchasing items several times per month. And, 24% of Amazon Prime Now users are purchasing at least one item per week.

Have you tried Amazon Prime Now yet? Would you pay $8 to have your groceries or beer delivered to your doorstep?

Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries Delivered in One Hour
Amazon Prime Now Review – Groceries Delivered in One Hour

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Kate @ Cashville Skyline

We don’t have this in Nashville yet, but I could totally plan ahead for free delivery on groceries! I’ve used a few other grocery delivery services with mixed results — missing or incorrect items, etc. I’m excited to give Amazon Prime Now a shot once we get it.


Hank Coleman

We were definitely impressed. Nothing missing or damaged when we got the delivery. We also only bought about 10-12 items as a test. I could see how things could slip through the cracks potentially with a 50+ item order of over $100.


Money Beagle

It’s not available for us yet but I could definitely see it being used if the prices are comparable to going to the store.


Hank Coleman

My wife and I definitely thought the prices were very comparable in our area. So far so good…


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