Carnival of Personal Finance #348, The Grammy Awards Edition

by Hank Coleman

Welcome to the 348th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance, the Grammy Awards Edition! Or, maybe this carnival should have been called the Whitney Houston Edition or even the Adele Edition….geez! I hope that you enjoy the great selection of personal finance articles listed below.

Editor’s Picks

Lindy from Minting Nickels presents What Plants vs. Zombies Taught Me About Paying Off Debt – I’m a sucker for playing games on my iPad and iPhone. Now, I have a new one to check out! This is a great twist on how to look at it through a personal finance perspective.

Jeffrey from Saving Advice presents 50 Ways to Save Money on Food – The sheer number of ways to save money on your grocery and food bill alone warrants inclusion in the Editor’s Picks. These are some great tips!

The Happy Homeowner presents How I Obtained a Masters Degree from Harvard for $500–without Scholarships – I love learning. I’m a perpetual student who has earned degree after degree (mainly because my employer keeps paying for them). These are some great tips on how to save money at any institution of higher education, not just at the most elite. We all can take notes from these tips.

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FMF from Free Money Finance presents Your Portfolio Needs Rebalancing

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Gold

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey from My Personal Finance Journey presents Options Investing – Does it Deserve a Place in Your Personal Portfolio?

Andy from Saving to Invest presents Choices for Your 401(k) Retirement Plan When You Leave or Change Your Job

Young from Young and Thrifty presents How to DRIP: Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Miranda from Personal Dividends presents Could an Indexed Annuity Be Right For You?

Jim Yih from Retire Happy Blog presents Should you keep your winners and sell your losers?

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend investing for monthly income

Ken Faulkenberry from AAAMP Blog presents Dividend Income Investing: Investors Hunt for Yield

Adam Williams from Rabbit Funds presents Determining your Return and Risk objectives when investing

Martin from Studenomics presents Stock Market Tips to Help Your Survive in Your 20s

IS from Intelligent Speculator presents How To Manage Risk In A Dividend Portfolio

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Your Take: As Investors, What Annoys You The Most?

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents Dividend Investing: The Best Investment Option Out of College?

Dan from High Yield Edge presents How to Invest in Junk Bonds


Jim from Bargaineering presents Is Credit Karma a Scam?

Sandy from Yes, I Am Cheap presents Debt After Death: What Happens?

jefferson from See Debt Run presents A New Dawn – Change is in the Air

asgreen from Always the Planner presents Debt – Good and Bad

American Debt Project from American Debt Project presents Want to Get Out of Debt? Top Ten Posts That Changed My Views on Money, Debt and My Life

Money Walks from Money Walks presents Fact or Fiction: “Good” Debt?, and says, “Is there really “good” debt in a bad economy?”

Michael from Credit Card Forum Blog presents What Is A Good Credit Score?

Ryan from Better Credit Blog presents How To Build Credit (Even When You Don’t Have Any)


Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving presents 9 personal finance lessons from “Gotterdammerung.”

Jon the Saver from Free Money Wisdom presents Surprisingly Random Uses from Everyday Products

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents How I Eat Locally Everywhere

Sustainable PF from Sustainable Personal Finance presents Analysis on Liquid Filling Machines a Clothes Call

Money Thinker from Money Thinking presents Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Andy Hough from Tight Fisted Miser presents Five Ways to Pay Off Holiday Debt

Annabelle from Shopping Detox presents Frugal Valentine’s Day ideas from classic film

Real Estate

Echo from Boomer & Echo presents 4 Advantages To Building A House

John from Passive Family Income presents How We Plan to Pay Off Our Mortgage Early – Feb 2012

Mr. Money from Smart on Money presents Obama Offers Up New Mortgage Relief and Refinance Plan

Charles from MoneyGreenLife presents Is It Smart To Refinance Through HARP

Mike from Experiglot presents Why I Rented Out My Condo

MMD from MyMoneyDesign presents Which Is Better – Paying Down Your Auto Loan or Mortgage?


Madison from My Dollar Plan presents Free Money You Might Forget to Report on Your Taxes

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents Federal Income Tax Deadlines to File Taxes for 2012

Philip from PT Money Personal Finance presents 3 Ways to File Taxes Online Free

Courtnay Kenney from presents Is Kim Kardashian Really Guilty of Tax Evasion?

Crystal Groves from The Money Drain presents Money Tip: How to Prepare For Taxes Every Year and Reduce the Stress of Tax Season

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents How to File Your Federal Taxes for Free Using the Free E-File Programs


Barbara Friedberg from BARBARA FRIEDBERG PERSONAL FINANCE presents Best Negotiating Story Ever; And it Leads to More Money

Miranda Marquit from Planting Money Seeds presents As Freelancer, You Need a Home on the Web

Tom Drake from Canadian Finance Blog presents Perks or Pay? What Makes a Job Worth It?

Teacher Man from My University Money presents Financial Engineers Vs Real Engineers

eemusings from Musings of an Abstract Aucklander presents Worst case scenario

Finance, Saving, & Money Management

Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians presents Learning Personal Finance: A Guide to Successful Financial Health (Part I)

Emily Hunter from Million Ways to Save presents Thwarting the Personal Demons: Start with Where You Are

Kacie from Sense to Save presents How much money will you need to retire?

Tom Drake from Stupid Cents presents Set Your Spending Priorities

Ashley from Money Talks Coaching presents Get Your Kids to Save for Retirement

Bret from Hope to Prosper presents How to Balance Time and Money

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Staying Accident Free Pays Off

N.W. Journey from Net Worth Journey presents Get Organized with your Money

Evan from Smart Wealth presents Income Protection Insurance

Squirrelers from Squirrelers presents Patience is a Virtue for Certain Money Goals

Jason from Live Real, Now presents 5 Pain-Free Ways to Save Your Money

Everything Finance from Everything Finance presents How to Save Money on Your Move

J.P. from Novel Investor presents Two Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Finances


Little House from Little House in the Valley presents Budgeting for Home Improvements

Harriet pierce from TotallyMoney presents The ostrich approach to money

Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff presents Frozen Yogurt Is Crack

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Life Changing Moments Worth Chasing After

Rob Berger from Dough Roller presents 75 Ways to Make a Side Income

Glen from Parenting Family Money presents Financial Literacy: What to Teach Younger Children Financial Literacy: What to Teach Younger Children

James Petzke from James Petzke: Graduating College with a Surplus presents The Rough College Budget

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings presents 2011 money regrets

Darwin from Darwin’s Money presents The Welfare States of America – Data That Even Blew My Mind

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About Hank Coleman

Hank Coleman is the founder of Money Q&A, an Iraq combat veteran, a Dr. Pepper addict, and a self-proclaimed investing junkie. He has written extensively for many nationally known financial websites and publications. Hank holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and a graduate certificate in personal financial planning. Email him directly at Hank[at]

Hank Coleman has written 583 articles on Money Q&A. Learn more about Money Q&A on Twitter @MoneyQandA and @HankColeman.

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Thank you so much for editor’s pick! Enjoy diving into the awesomeness that is Plants vs. Zombies. 🙂


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I tried a Plants vs Zombies demo in May when I had a week off. Two days later I’d beaten the game. I picked up my copy on BigFishGames for $3.50. They try to hook you into a recurring membership, but I easily cancelled mine immediately after the download. I am sincere when I say it was the greatest entertainment bang for 3.5 bucks that I’ve ever gotten.


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