Earn More Money by Thinking Outside the Box

by Hank Coleman

Earn More Money by Thinking Outside the BoxThere are many people making mediocre wages out there, and they aren’t happy with it. However, instead of improving themselves and finding ways to increase their income, they simply blame the economy or take out their frustrations on the government. While they bellyache about their hard times and lack of opportunities, others that were in their same position just a few years ago are earning twice the national average. How is this possible?

Those that are successful rarely feel sorry for themselves or drop their head because of their failures. Nope, they continue to act on their dreams and often find themselves earn more than they ever thought possible.

When I think about the phrase, “Thinking outside the box,” I typically think about the company Apple. Again and again they seem to come out with a product that is leaps and bounds ahead of the current industry (although, in my opinion, it seems as though they are slowing down recently). But, there are many others that we have never even heard of that are defying the odds because of their outside the box thinking.

One that came to my attention recently could come in very handy if my upstairs shower ever starts leaking water through the tiles. Instead of painstakingly lifting my tile floor and relaying new tile with new grout and sealer, I can just by one unit of MegaBloc, apply it to the tiles and it will reseal the entire surface for me! Not only has this product recently won an award, but it is instantly generating monster profits. Don’t you wish that you had thought outside the box and invented this product?

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Think Outside the Box with Your Earnings

When in need of money, too many of us resort to either cutting expenses or asking for a raise. These options may help today, but they are not a great solution for the short term. Instead of finding the short term solution, why not step back and think outside the box for a moment? How could you generate more money today and also in the distant future? In order to discover this extra source of income, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • Which of these things could I earn more money doing?
  • Is there potential for long term earnings?

I asked myself this question a while ago, and it lead me to starting this blog! Not only do I enjoy maintaining this site, but I can also earn a few bucks doing it. So what is it for you? Perhaps you are gifted at math and can teach it to almost anyone. Maybe you should start tutoring.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to try something like tutoring, you will need more than just math skills to thrive in this role. Knowing the material isn’t enough, as developing leadership skills is of equal importance. The people that you tutor must see you as an authority on the subject to respond to your methods. Your new-found leadership skills can help you to relate to the children that you are tutoring, giving you insight into how they best learn the material. Putting multiple skills together gives you a better chance of success.

Then, once you find out how kids learn best, perhaps you could generate an online instructional guide for students to better understand math. Better yet, maybe you could create a game that kids could play and help them learn at the same time! Do you see how some of these income sources are short-term and others are long-term. Think outside of the box with your talents. You might just discover a fantastic income source for many years to come!

So what are your talents? Could they generate some wealth for you?

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About Hank Coleman

Hank Coleman is the founder of Money Q&A, an Iraq combat veteran, a Dr. Pepper addict, and a self-proclaimed investing junkie. He has written extensively for many nationally known financial websites and publications. Hank holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and a graduate certificate in personal financial planning. Email him directly at Hank[at]MoneyQandA.com.

Hank Coleman has written 581 articles on Money Q&A. Learn more about Money Q&A on Twitter @MoneyQandA and @HankColeman.

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Taylor Lee

I’d love to make a bit of extra cash from my writing! Unfortunately, the competition out there is fierce and the work/gain ratio is low. But I’d be doing it anyway, so why not monetize it, eh?

Myles Money

Not only is building multiple income streams a good idea in terms of generating extra cash Hank, I would suggest it has the potential to provide a safety net in case something goes wrong at work: I recently read an article which claimed up to 80% of the jobs we currently consider “safe” could be done more cheaply, efficiently and accurately by computers and robots WITHIN THE NEXT TEN YEARS! Having an alternative source of income is a smart move.

Lance @ Healthy Wealthy Income

I am really talented with the media. I thought I would be a reporter forever but I jumped in to PR and still use my talents and skills but in a more useful way and it also earns me more money and a flexible schedule. While I enjoyed what I did, I love even more having money and time. Just had to be ready for an opportunity and keep working for it. No one is going to hand me something I don’t deserve or seek after.


I agree with you. Sometimes when the wage is not satisfying enough, we need to look for some extra source of money, like doing some side hustles.

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