How to Invest in a Movie and Make a Great Return on Investment

by Hank Coleman

How to Invest in a MovieI’ve talked about investing in things like a rock and roll band through Kickstarter before. I’m a huge fan of the platform and of crowdfunding projects in general. But, recently, I had the opportunity to invest in a full length motion picture set to begin shooting this Christmas for release in 2018. It’s never been done in the United States until now.

And, unlike Kickstarter, this investment in I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas lets investors share in the movie’s profits where you can potentially earn a great return on your investment. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to invest and earn a 10% return on investment. With Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, investors aren’t allowed to share in any profits, but with using, now investors can participate in profit sharing that the movie might make. So, I’m really excited to try investing in a full length movie.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign for the movie to invest.

100% of film proceeds are paid to its investors on a pro-rata basis until 115% of their principal investment is returned. Then, investors earn 50% of proceeds, pro-rated to contribution to the film budget, in perpetuity. I love the sound of earning a 15% return initially and then even more in the future… and all for as little as a $100 investment!

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How to Invest in a Movie

Like other crowdfunding sites, and the crew at I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas offer a slew of additional perks the more you invest in the movie. Do you want to walk down the red carpet for the movie’s premiere? What about visiting the set while filming or even a producer credit? It’s all available to investors! Here’s how to invest in the movie.

Why I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas Makes a Great Investment

I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas is a warmhearted, upbeat comedy about a 16-year-old girl who struggles against her family’s over-the-top Christmas celebrations. When her out-of-state boyfriend decides to visit for Christmas, she’s determined to spare him her family’s Christmas craziness. So, she hires actors to play her parents and stages a fake Christmas dinner in the empty house next door. Surely nothing could go wrong. Right?

Most major motion picture studios don’t make PG-13 family Christmas movies anymore. And, the cable TV movies are often substandard for Christmas. This has created a void in the marketplace that makes I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas a perfect opportunity for a Christmas movie with a PG-13 rating to fill that space which will appeal to family audiences.

I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas makes a great investment because of its low budget, key producers, great cast, and distribution model. The producers plan to make the film for under $1 million and release the movie directly onto iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, and cable TV video-on-demand. This distribution model bypasses traditional distributors and lets the film’s investors receive the biggest possible share of the income stream. The film avoids paying the traditional 35% – 40% distribution fees.

How to Invest in a Movie - I'll Be Next Door For Christmas

Who Are the People Behind I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas?

The people putting this movie together have a lot of experience. The resume of the production team is pretty impressive with four Primetime Emmys, an Oscar, and years of experience in the movie and television business. It’s amazing that they are able to make this movie on such a low budget. But, putting together a high quality film on a very cost effective budget is what makes this investment so appealing.

Just a few people who have signed on to this project include…

Jay Kogen, Executive Producer, winner of four Primetime Emmy® Awards (nominated for 15), he wrote/produced “Frasier,” “The Simpsons,” and many more. 

Donald Markowitz, Oscar® winner for the hit song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, will be writing a brand new Christmas song for the project.

Actress Jennifer Tilly, known for her Oscar® nominated role in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, is attached as a co-star.

David Willis, Director / Writer / Producer, writer for network shows like “Cybill” and “Caroline in the City“.

A cat plays a vital role supporting in the plot of the movie, and the producers have cast the internet and YouTube star, Lil BUB. The filmmakers are also donating a portion of the producers’ profits from the movie to Lil Bub’s Big Fund for the ASPCA to benefit special needs pets. 

Investing in an Independent Christmas Film

The independent film market earned $1.8 billion at the North American box office in 2016, and there’s no sign that 2017 and 2018 will be any different. The movie has a good probability to provide investors with a great return on a minimal investment because of its strong story, director, cast and other creative personnel that have signed on to this project.

Whether the movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause, or Elf, audiences love Christmas movies. Since the major studios rarely make them now, independent filmmakers have filled the void, and you can now potentially profit too as an investor in I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas. And these Christmas films play each and every year after year, providing a continual revenue stream each year. I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas was written specifically to appeal to these audiences, and to target the holiday movie market.

How to Invest in a Movie - I'll Be Next Door For Christmas

Earning a Great Return on Your Investment

That Christmas Movie LLC recently launched an investment crowdfunding campaign to produce I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas, the first such opportunity of its kind in the United States. Investors responded and the campaign reached over 300% of its minimum goal within days on the premier equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. Now, the producers are using the crowdfunding site,, to finish the next round of investing. And, they’ve already raised over $225,000 from over 500 investors

Unlike Kickstarter campaigns where you simply make donations and receive rewards, equity crowdfunding through gives you a financial interest in the movie. You get the chance to be part of the filmmaking process and share in any profits the film makes in perpetuity.

This project was made possible by the JOBS Act, which was signed into law with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2012, and Regulation Crowdfunding, which went into effect in 2016. Over 90% of the population, who weren’t previously allowed to invest in startups, can now take advantage of these opportunities.

I’ll Be Next Door For is the very first feature-length narrative film to use investment crowdfunding in the United States. Now, the average person can have a piece of Hollywood and a chance to make money from investing in a movie.

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