Learn The Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

by Hank Coleman

Brashenomics on 1150 AMFind out about the home improvement projects that add value to your home’s value when I was interviewed by Ben Brashen on the Brashenomics Radio Show last week.

Hear how you can get the best return on your investments that you make in home improvement projects and which projects are the best to tackle from a return on investment perspective that will increase your home value.

Check out the radio interview below…

The Top 3 Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

1. Upgrading your kitchen = 70% to 80% return
2. Upgrading an existing or adding a bathroom = 70% to 80% return
3. Adding energy efficient windows = about a 50% return

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The Top 3 Home Improvement Projects That Don’t Add Much Value

1. Adding a swimming pool
2. Building a deck in your backyard
3. Adding landscaping and/or water features to your yard

There are many other great home improvement projects that add value. Be sure to check out the full interview on YouTube to find more home improvement projects that add value.

Be sure to also check out my first interview on Brashenomics, the Seattle based talk radio show, where Ben and I discussed article that I wrote detailing how to save money on my moving expenses.

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Nurse Frugal

I would love to remodel our kitchen ourselves! This is excellent information, especially for those who want to flip a house. Love the website Hank! I will definitely be returning.


Carl Watson

Awesome post Hank, I was planning to remodel my bathroom and really you have given an awesome suggestion regarding the home improvement project. Thanks a lot.


Sean @ One Smart Dollar

Completely agree that the kitchen and bathrooms are the best room in your house to add value.


Floor Preparation

Adding energy efficient windows is just my favorite especially the glazed. it will protect you from the force of nature as well as providing extra lighting in your home.


Steps NJ

Clean your house and therefore can improve the appearance of your home. Aside from that, it keeps your home looking in fine style, providing a contemporary look.


in home furniture repair Winter Haven

Decide on the wood, laminate, etc, based on your budget but choose something that will require low maintenance. Add wardrobes and close all lofts in your bedrooms as well as the kitchen.But spend wisely. While these additions can increase the appeal of your home it may not always be possible to recover all your costs.


Hard Trunks Queens

Some remodeling on homes also involves additional storages. Trunks would be a good way to do so.


bathroom remodeling NJ

A remodeling project can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. Improving the layout of your home can make your home more usable and enjoyable.


Modular House Plans Gloucester County

Because modular homes are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site-built home, with careful planning you can often be in your new home within weeks of selecting it. This is because overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work and home construction.


UV Furniture Refinishing Orlando Florida

Memories associated with furniture is really irreplaceable. Good thing we can restore them.


Lets Fix It

I found a great site that helps with home improvement over at http://www.letsfixit.co.uk


Pool Closings Bernardsville NJ

Pool maintenance should always include checking things such as diving boards, handrails, and ladders to insure there are no loose or rusted bolts. Inspect your diving board for any cracks or stressed areas, and replace if you find these problems. Doing so will insure the safety of all pool users.


Odorless Furniture Refinishing & Restoration Orlando Florida

Antique furniture that aged really bad can still be restored by professionals that does tricks to bring back the beauty they once had.


building contractor Central NJ

If you can reorganize and equip your kitchen for maximum utility, you may not need to blow out the walls to gain square footage. Start by replacing space–hogging shelves with cabinet–height pullout drawers 8 inches wide, containing racks for canned goods and other items.


Storage facilities West Caldwell NJ

Moving companies may charge extra if they have to help pack last minute items. Pack it yourself and have everything ready to go. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, ask the moving company when they provide the estimate if this service is included. Sometimes it is and other times it shows up on your bill as an extra fee.


walkways NJ

you have to be extra careful, so ensure that you have hired the best contractor that can meet your expectations for your chosen renovation projects.


pool repair service Mendham NJ

Professional pool maintenance personels knows exactly what and where to look for on pool problems.


prefabricated home Eastern PA

To define a prefabricated house is a house that exists of many factory built units that are assembled on site to complete the unit. These prefabricated house have been manufactured in sections that can easily be transported to a home or building site for construction and installation.


pool maintenance Morris County

A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It’s the center of family life with children spending much of their summers in the water. Other homeowners see a pool as a strong aesthetic element, the focus of the entire landscape.


pool construction Essex County NJ

Like everything in life, prevention is better than cure. So if you want to be sure you do have a healthy swimming pool, you need to maintain the water and keep it healthy. It has been said that only fools have dirty pools! It is as simple as using a good test kit to test your water regularly, and then spending a little bit of time as little as ten minutes a week making sure that you add the right elements to rectify anything that might have gone wrong.


pool repair service Chester Township NJ

This work will also require proper equipment which most people may not have. With the right swimming pool contractor in Baton Rouge, one is sure to have their work done with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve satisfactory results. Go for companies that hire experienced workmen who will give the best of service in repair, installation and maintenance of your pools.



This is a good tip…it doesn’t take long for all the half-used buckets to get stored and then it becomes a guessing game as to which one was used where.


Pria @ Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

I’ve been busy improving the curb appeal of my home exterior and I think I gotta go inside right now and see what needs to be fixed, repaired and replaced. Excellent information indeed!


Pool houses Passaic County NJ

Planting perennials will give you a relatively maintenance-free garden, while annuals will need to be replanted each year. Whatever your design, creating your landscape will require some time and muscle but once completed will be a source of pleasure year round.


In-ground pool Bernardsville

Taking the time to renovate and upgrade your swimming pool will result in numerous benefits for your property. Someday, if you ever want to sell your home, having a nice pool installed will increase its chances of selling.


furniture restoration in Tampa Florida

Furniture restoration involves tackling any aspect of work that’s required to get an old dresser or chair as close to the original condition as possible. Often, it’s more than just a facelift — it’s making the item usable again and possibly even adding value.


custom cabinets Philadelphia

Some cabinets can be used to store heavy kitchen electronics that will ease up your crowded space in the kitchen.


furniture refinishing in Stuart Florida

The design of any building and the materials selection should consider the future use or reuse of the building and use materials that facilitate adaptation or future replacement. The more adaptable a material, the less waste will result from changing needs or tastes.


leather furniture touch-up Kissimmee

Always go for experts on restoration to avoid more damage on your furniture.


Ray Smith

Adding a swimming pool will cost you a lot but indeed it does not add much value to your home which can be done by upgrading your bathroom. Those tips by Ben Brashen are priceless. 🙂


high end & luxury furniture NYC

Try new interior and exterior paint colors for free with our virtual Color Finder tool, and take our countertop and floor finder quizzes to discover your perfect material matches. Find inspiration to create bathrooms, kitchens, garages, home offices, decks, patios, and entryways you’ll love.


Pool Closings Chester Township NJ

Swimming pools are delicates so try and Check and monitor water level at least once per month, adjust as needed. Water level should be at the center of the tile or skimmer. Want more pool maintenance tips? Contact us and let us do this for you. Quality service guaranteed!



There is a lot of debate on this topic and I think every situation is unique. The housing market plays a role, along with the area and the current condition of the kitchen, bath or windows. But as a whole I would agree with the statistics. In some cases a Realtor can help the homeowner figure out the value of an upgrade. At the end of the day living in a home you can be proud of is the biggest value of all.


Angelena Bilski

Great Information.


driveways Northern NJ

Add up some more value to your home by some custom renovations.


pool repair service Bernardsville NJ

Nice article. Swimming pool can be damaged from time to time and may need professionals to do the repairs. Visit our website to know more on how to contact these repair guys. Thanks.


Steps NJ

Renovating or remodeling your home is a sure way to increase the value of your home and property.


Swimming Pool Landscaping Warren County NJ

Adding swimming pool landscapes really enhances the house’s beauty.


pool repairs Northern NJ

An excellent landscape designer will listen to your desires and do his or her best to work with your site to make that happen. A knowledgeable landscape designer can guide the homeowner toward plant material that is suitable for the region and the specific site conditions.


Brandon Roberts

This was actually really interesting for me to read about. I had no idea that adding a pool to someone’s backyard would add so much value to their home. But, that makes a ton of sense on why it would. My wife and I were actually thinking about putting in a pool of our own. The only problem is, is that we can not find a good contractor to help us out. Do you have any suggestions as to who would be a good contractor to hire?


waterfall construction Passaic County NJ

Landscaping increases your homes value that might benefit you when you decide to sell it.


Swimming Pool Landscaping Morris County NJ

Thanks for sharing that post. I love landscaping. Professionals do it much better though. If you ever consider to have on nice garden visit this site.


bryan flake

My swimming pool needs to be repaired. It has a huge crack through the wall of the pool. This isn’t the kind of thing I can spackle closed, is it? It sure would be the most convenient way to fix the crack though.


Swimming Pool Landscaping Essex County NJ

A good design must always not just on the outside but also on how it works and blends.


general construction Sussex County NJ

Consider the function of your renovated basement when choosing flooring for the space: a playroom will benefit from a soft floor made from play mats or carpet while laminate or hardwood flooring will add warmth to a guest bedroom.



I think whether features like a deck and a pool add value to the home, really depends on how much your home is selling for and what area it’s in. I mean, if I’m buying a house in Alaska, I’m probably not going to spend a lot of time grilling and swimming. But there are some neighborhoods in my city where your house won’t sell if it doesn’t have those things.



A swimming pool adds a lot of value to the person who installs the pool, but that’s about it. You really won’t ever get your money back from it so installing a pool is only a good idea if you really want one for yourself. Thanks for the tips.


Rob Benton

I agree that adding a swimming pool could be considered home improvement. Growing up, I never did have a pool. My grandma did, however, and as a result her house was the popular place to be. A house may not be perfect in its construction, but if it has a swimming pool there is something to be said.


backyard waterfall Warren County NJ

Landscape contractors are licensed professionals who are trained in different aspect of landscape design and techniques such as commercial or residential design, landscape construction, commercial and residential maintenance, and different types of gardening services such as planting and seeding.
Landscaping can increase a property’s value by making it more attractive. A well-manicured property with appealing landscaping is often a selling point for a home. The landscaping can also improve your home’s appearance to match similar homes in the neighborhood.
An excellent landscape designer will listen to your desires and do his or her best to work with your site to make that happen. A knowledgeable landscape designer can guide the homeowner toward plant material that is suitable for the region and the specific site conditions.



That’s interesting that you say that adding a swimming pool doesn’t add much value to your house. The things that you list that add value to a house are all indoor rooms. That makes sense, though, most people care about the interior of their homes, more than their yard.


Phillius Thomas

Those three things are definitely really good ways to improve the quality and price of your home. A good way to improve the kitchen and bathroom is to add a lot of lighting. People really like those rooms to be bright, so whether you are adding lights or getting brighter bulbs, you are improving it nicely. If you add any lights though, have a professional check all the electrical lines to make sure it was done right and won’t cause a problem.


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