Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

by Hank Coleman

Legitimate Ways That You Can Easily Make Money At HomeMany people are always looking for legitimate ways to make money at home. As a result, there are a lot of scams out there that prey on individuals who are just looking to boost their income or who want to get rich quick.

Let me be the first to break it to you. There are no legitimate ways other than the lottery or inheritance to get rich quickly. There simply isn’t.

If you want to make money at home though, you can earn a decent living or supplemental income although it does take time, patience, and hard work.

But, you do not need to pay anyone for advice on how to do it. Instead, jump right in and start side hustling to get the income you want at home!

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Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

Start a Website
The first thing you can do to earn extra income at home is start a website. This is a cheap way to potentially make money online.  However, it can take a year or longer before you even start to make money, and there is a large time commitment involved.

However, if you have a good web personality and are in a niche that people care about, you have the potential to make a lot of money online for just time and a little expense. I have listed many of the resources that I use to create my websites such as Money Q&A. They are listed in the site’s Resource Page.

Go Crowdsourcing
Another way to make money is to be a crowdsourced individual.  This is where you do small tasks for a small amount of money. The most popular crowdsourcing site right now is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

On this site, companies post odd jobs that they need individuals to do (since a computer can’t do them). A common task is identify the picture. You get paid a very small amount per task, say $0.04, but each task only requires seconds of your time.

If you do these tasks non-stop, you will probably earn the equivalent of about $8 per hour. You can also earn money doing similar work on sites like Fiverr.com and Elance.

You could freelance or be a virtual assistant for someone online. There are a lot of websites that will match you up with people that need help with things.

There are a lot of bloggers and website owners that employ people for research and social media. All of these tasks can be done online in the comfort of your own home. Again, great places to find these types of gigs are on sites like Elance and Fiverr which I have used many times and highly recommend.

Take Surveys Online
Another great way to earn money online is to take surveys. There are many reputable websites out there that can help you earn money online completing these surveys. I recommend looking at Swagbucks.com and Pinecone Research to find reputable companies that need consumer surveys.

While there are predators out there who prey on those looking to score it rich online very quickly, there are legitimate ways that you can earn an income online. Whether you are looking to simply supplement your current income or replace your income online, there are many legitimate opportunities available to you.

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Agreed completely that getting rich quickly isn’t the most likely scenario. A key thing to do is not be lured into those “selling the dream” of quick, easy money online. Blogging is a great example – while some people have made big bucks, most people really do need to put in the time and build a site, network, etc – before it will truly make money. Even then, it’s hardly passive income for the most part.

Anyway, bottom line is that while work is required (nothing comes for free), there are certainly legit ways to make money at home and online.



It’s funny when I hear people say “I can’t find any ways to make money.” Then I go hang out with my business owner friends who say, “I can’t find employees.” Maybe I’m in the wrong biz. Maybe I should be a middle man….


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