The Top Ten Personal Finance Bloggers And Money Experts To Follow On Google Plus

by Hank Coleman

Personal finance bloggers on Google PlusAre you using Google Plus (Google+)? I think that the jury is still out because we are all so engrained in our existing social networks of Twitter and Facebook and entrenched. This platform and medium has got to be a very hard thing to break into with high barriers to entry. But, nevertheless, there are some great personal finance bloggers, money experts, and entrepreneurs who are out there doing some awesome things on Google Plus that you should be following.

The Best People To Follow On Google Plus

Pete from Bible Money Matters – Pete is all over the place with his awesome blog, Bible Money Matters, and he is constantly Tweeting and talking about great money articles and tips on Google + that you would definitely find interesting.

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents – Jeff is one of the hardest working Certified Financial Planners that I have ever met. His blog, Good Financial Cents, is a great resource if you are looking for great quality money advice directly from a financial planner and the items that he shares on Google Plus is perfect  to help you learn about your finances.

Miranda Marquit from Planting Money Seeds – If you read anything personal finance related on the internet, I almost guarantee that you have read Miranda’s work. She’s everywhere in the PF blogosphere, and she’s a very frequent poster on Google Plus. You can also find her finally writing for herself too on her blog, Planting Money Seeds.

Ken Faulkenberry from AAAMP Finance Blog – Ken is a great financial planner who provides a wealth of knowledge on his investment management company’s blog, AAAMP Finance Blog, which focuses on ideas and concepts that will improve the skill of investors who manage their own money. Ken focuses on risk adverse value investing strategies with an emphasis on proper asset allocation and diversification, investment planning, and risk management.

Glen Craig from Free From Broke – Glen is another prolific user of Google Plus. He’s on there all the time sharing some great articles from around the blogosphere that we all should be checking out from some great personal finance writers. Glen writes about taking back control of your finances and getting out of debt on his awesome blog, Free From Broke.

Forest Parks from Frugal Zeitgeist – Forest runs a great blog, Frugal Zeitgeist, about living the frugal life. I think that he has adapted to the new life of using Google Plus more than almost any other personal finance blogger out there.

Laura Adams from the podcast Money Girl’s Quick And Dirty Tips – Laura Adams is the author of the book, Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich. She also hosts the incredible Money Girl Podcast which has been downloaded over 10 million timesand blogs at or on iTunes.

Pinyo from Moolanomy – Pinyo writes at Moolanomy which is a personal finance online magazine that incorporates current events with sound financial information to provide articles to help you improve your finances and your life.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income Blog – Pat Flynn is an incredible professional blogger who is all over the internet with is on iPhone app, incredible podcast, and blog. He’s a remarkable internet marketer!

Gary Vaynerchuk – If you do not know  how awesome I think that Gary Vay-Ner-Chk is than we can’t be friends anymore. He has more heart, passion, and energy than anyone I have ever met. Just listening to him speak is inspiring, and his books like Crush It are incredible. You definitely need to check him out, follow on Google Plus, and pick up a copy of Crush It!

Did I forget any financial bloggers that you love to follow on Google Plus? I’m sure that i did. There are a lot of great bloggers out there doing a lot of awesome things, passing on great advice and tips, and holding some amazing giveaways to their readers. I tried to stick to the people who post on Google + with some consistency and provide some great ideas and dialogue that we can all learn and grow from.

Be sure to check me out on Google Plus and add me and Money Q&A to your circle!

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