Resources For Becoming A Landlord

I have recently become a landlord as many readers of Money Q&A are aware and have written lately about how to find a great property manager, unintended costs of becoming a landlord, why we have decided to rent, and a host of other articles about becoming a landlord.

Here are a list of different products and services that I have personally used to make the process go smoother and run the business of becoming a landlord.

Landlord Resources I Recommend

American Home Shield – American Home Shield is the founder and leading provider of home service contracts in the nation. With over 40 years of experience and more than 10,000 contractors in our network, we service 1.3 million customers and nearly 3 million service requests per year.

A Home Warranty from AHS covers the repair or replacement of many of the home system components and appliances that may break down over time. American Home Shield also sells Preventative Maintenance Plans which provide periodic checks and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, appliances, plumbing and electrical systems.

American Home Shield has a Preventative Maintenance Plan for every need. Choose yours now

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Finding a property manager is crucial. It is important to hire the right one for you and the size of your property. Hiring a property manager will help you to manage your property and the task along with it. You can also make use of an online property management software that will make some of the work easy and fast.


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