Financial Resources I Use And Recommend

From time to time, I’m asked about which financial products I personally use and which I would recommend to others. Below is a list of many of the different financial resources, firms, services, and products that I personally use.

Financial Resources That I Recommend

Lending Club
Lending Club I have been investing with Lending Club for years now. I’ve had my ups and downs with the loans I have invested in thanks to my own crazy risk appetite. Now, I have a safer portfolio of only A and B rated loans that is currently earning me a 10% annual rate of return.

If you are looking to boost your rate of return on your investments, I highly recommend that you check out investing in peer to peer lending with Lending Club.

Get a free book such as the Total Money MakeoverThe Total Money Makeover – You didn’t really think that I was going to get very far on a financial resource page and mention Dave Ramsey did you? Be sure to check out what I have written about Dave Ramsey’s baby steps in previous blog posts. I’m a huge fan. I give away tons of free copies of his bestselling book, The Total Money Makeover. Be sure to check out how you can possibly get your free book! – Mint is the gold star, standard of budgeting software. Their website and smartphone app are one of the best ways to track everything about your money, income, debt, investments, and all kinds of other financial data all in one place. They gather all of your financial information and show it to you all in one place.

Mint INSTANTLY categorizes your spending – FREE! There is also a huge community on the site that can help you stay on track, accomplish your goals, and staying motivated to meet your financial goals. is also a free service.

Blogging Services And Resources

The same is true for the many different programs that I use for blogging. So, I’ve tried to round up all the programs, companies, and services that really help to make life easier and provide a great service.

Start Blogging Online – A great resource site I’ve found that helps beginners to create their own blog. Worth looking into!

Freshbooks – I use Freshbooks to invoice all of my clients for my freelance writing business and for most of the advertisers here on Money Q&A. Freshbooks has a great accounting system, professional invoices, and make it very easy for me to track the expenses and income from my websites.

How smart is your Theme? How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.Thesis – Money Q&A and all my blogs are powered on WordPress by The Thesis Theme for WordPress. It is great, and I can’t say enough about it.

Protect your files with Carbonite Online BackupCarbonite – With over 100 billion files backed up and counting, Carbonite is a leading provider of online backup. Just install Carbonite and it starts backing up your files – automatically and in the background.

Carbonite guides you step by step – and restores your backed up files to the right place on your hard drive. You can access backed up files from any Web browser – or from your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry smartphone. Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely. No credit card required!

Landlord Resources

If you are considering becoming a landlord like I just did, I’ve also compiled a list of landlord resources as well.