LifeLock Wallet and the Acquisition of

by Hank Coleman

UPDATE: On December 12, 2013, LifeLock, the identity theft protection services company, acquired Lemon. In May, 2014, LifeLock disabled the mobile application for Lemon and subsequently incorporated it into LifeLock’s services and the LifeLock Wallet app.

The Lemon app for smartphones was absorbed and converted to the LifeLock Wallet app.

How Lifelock Wallet Works

LifeLock Wallet smartphone appLifeLock uses the app, the LifeLock Wallet. It provides users with one-touch access of their LifeLock account with a lot of features while on the go.

The new app provides users with digital copies of your payment, membership, loyalty, identification, and other important cards through the smartphone application. It also provides you with a backup for all your cards and information which enables you to easily cancel your credit cards if they are lost or stolen.

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Plus, LifeLock Wallet app gives you access to paid LifeLock identity protection services. When you become a LifeLock member, you can take advantage of mobile access to your LifeLock services. LifeLock provides you with LifeLock Identity Alert system on your mobile device. You can also use the LifeLock Not Me function to respond immediately in the event of fraudulent activity.

As with all of LifeLock’s products, you receive the $1 Million Service Guarantee, providing up to $1 million in professional recovery assistance in the event of identity theft.

Get the LifeLock Wallet app today. The LifeLock Wallet app is available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and devices. Sign up for LifeLock today and save 10% off your final purchase through December 31st.

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Modest Money

Sounds like a pretty handy app. I’d like to get better at tracking my spending like this, but it just seems like too much work to record everything. The fact that this digitizes a photo of a receipt is sure to make the process easier. Still, I’d have to manually enter all my other spending where I just get bills via e-mail.


Careful Cents

I’ve been curious about using Lemon. It looks like a really cool idea with an easy app/online site. I don’t think I have enough receipts to keep track of yet, but in the future (as my expenses grow) I might look into it. Great review, thanks Hank.


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