How To Save Money While Dieting And Not Breaking The Bank

by Hank Coleman

Save money while dietingIf you’re thinking about going on a diet, you may be concerned about the cost, but there are many ways that you can save money while dieting. Dieting can be expensive. There are so many fad diets out there that require you to buy special food or special supplements, and all you end up doing is wasting money that you didn’t need to. There are a lot of ways to diet effectively, but there are also ways do it frugally. All it takes is a little planning and practice, and you can not only lose weight but save some money doing it too! Dieting does not have to break the bank.

Don’t Eat Out At Restaurants

This is the biggest no-no for both dieting and for saving money. For your diet, restaurants have a tendency to serve large portions. The biggest part of dieting is portion control. So, this can not only ruin your diet but also hit you in the wallet. Plus, most restaurant food is loading with fat, sugar, and carbs. These are all the things you do not need to eat in large quantities. Not to mention the cost of going out to eat at restaurants with the food, drinks, tax, and tip. It all adds up very quickly.

Make Your Own Food

This is an essential part of dieting, and it can be simple and easy to do. By making your own food, it puts you in control of how much you spend on ingredients. Plus, those ingredients you buy at the store typically last for more than one meal. So, you are really getting multiple bangs for your buck by grocery shopping.

Plus, when cooking your own food, you can make sure you are keeping it healthy by not adding excess fats and sugars. Stick to lean meats and green vegetables, don’t add too much fat and sugar.

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Finally, when cooking your own food, cook enough to have some leftovers. Leftovers are great for lunch the following day which can be healthy, and it saves you money from having to go and buy something for lunch (which probably wouldn’t have been as healthy for you to begin with). Making leftovers also saves time in the future, which was probably one of the biggest reasons you went out to eat in the first place.

Planning Ahead Saves Money

One of the biggest reasons for my own overspending is my lack of planning. I often do not plan my meals in advance and ultimately run out to a restaurant for a quick bite to eat. I especially find this happening during my lunch hour. Not only does this make me eat less healthy items, but it also winds up costing me more money in the long run. You could save money by planning your meals well in advance and taking your lunch to work with you.

Dieting can be expensive, but it does not have to break your piggy bank. You can diet successfully while still maintaining your budget. There are many ways to save money while dieting.

Do you have any other great tips on how to save money while dieting? Let us know in the comments section.

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I try to by fresh vegetables this time of the year at the local farmer’s market. The prices are generally cheaper, the produce fresher, and I usually by extra to freeze or can which usually saves me money also.


Stephanie @ Empowered Dollar

I would say that buying in bulk has been the biggest help for me. If I know that I’m going to eat lean protein like forzen fish 5 times a week, I better be looking for a good deal at the store 🙂



I also go to the farmers market when possible and freeze what I can to ensure I have some good produce in the later months when it won’t be as cheap. And if I do eat at restaurants, I half my meals. This way I can enjoy it twice.



Like a previous commenter, we love going to our local farmers market. They have the freshest produce.


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