Non-Traditional Seasonal Jobs To Make Extra Money This Christmas

by Hank Coleman

Ways not to go into debt this ChristmasNow that we’re into December, chances are, all of the seasonal retail and restaurant jobs have been filled. However, there’s still hope for those of you who are looking to make some extra money during the holiday season. Whether you need a few more dollars to cross everything off your shopping list or you want to make up for your paycheck being short if your job is closing for the holiday, there are a few non-traditional seasonal jobs that you can consider over the next few weeks to make extra money this Christmas season during the holidays.

Ways To Make Extra Money This Christmas

Cook for others: With all the cooking that happened during Thanksgiving, many families are not looking forward to being in the kitchen for hours for a feast just weeks later. If you love to cook, you can offer your services to cater for families for the winter holiday season. Come up with a menu of food you plan on making, set a price on the number of plates or complete catering orders, and get started! If you don’t want to make full meals, you can make your specialty such as pies, and sell them a la carte.

Secret Santa Shopper: The malls are going to be absolutely packed every day up until Christmas Eve, and some people simply don’t have the time or the patience to deal with the crowds. If you don’t mind them, offer your services as a personal shopper for someone. They give you a budget of how much to spend, and a list of gifts to buy, along with a shopping fee for you to pocket, and you get all the gifts they wanted to get but couldn’t. This is also a great idea for people who are great bargain shoppers, and can save their customers a few bucks with their services.

Babysitting: Many offices have holiday parties for their employees, and not everyone can go because they have little ones. Offer your babysitting services to parents who need a night off from the children to enjoy some holiday cheer. It won’t be hard to find clients during this busy time of year.

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Gift Wrapping: There are many people who admittedly are not good at wrapping presents. However, if you have the gift for folding and taping to perfection, you can wrap people’s gifts for some extra cash. Your expenses won’t be much but the job would be much appreciated.

Hanging Christmas lights: The tradition of Christmas lights never gets old. Help a family decorate their home with Christmas lights, especially those who have no experience or may have more home to cover than they have time for. Some neighborhoods have decorating contests, and award the family with the best light decor. You can start by posting fliers with your contact information, and people will reach out to you to get their decorations up in a flash.

Be Santa Claus: The spirit of St. Nick will be alive this month, and children will be expecting to give their list of wants to Santa Claus. If you can play the part, dress up as Santa for your local mall or even a private event where kids will be present. You can also offer to write back to kids, as Santa Claus, telling them you got their Christmas list, and will make sure they’re on the nice list to receive them.

Whether you need a just a few dollars or a whole lot this holiday season, there are several non-traditional seasonal jobs and even a few extra traditional ones as well that you can consider over the next few weeks to make extra money this Christmas season and during the holidays. You just need to get a little creative at times.

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Genuinely going to consider the Christmas lights one (maybe too late to set myself up this year) but I really enjoy doing it and have most of the tools to do a really good job!

Thanks for the idea!


Ryan @ Planwise


these are some good tip.. some of them I feel since it’s the holidays people would do for free. Such as helping others hang up xmas lights and gift wrapping – though a nice tip wouldn’t be denied, by me at least.

The cooking idea isn’t bad but I certiantly don’t know how to cook well enough where people would buy my stuff nor do I know anyone who would want to buy stuff from me. I think you’d have to have some sort of reputation in the catering business for that to work out.

But we all come from different backgrounds so some of these are bound to work for someone!



Wow! Some cool tips, Hank. I’d love to cook for others, but I like people too much to kill them. 🙂 Actually there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal served by someone who knows what they’re doing. I think these “pesonal chefs” would make some great money this time of year.


Tie the Money Knot

These are good tips, for those who would want to pick up some extra money. I think anybody paying for my cooking might ask for an instant refund, that was my first thought! But really, there’s something for everyone here in terms of tips – if someone wants to do a little moonighting to get extra money over the holidays.



Good ideas. The difficulty is often not in coming up with ideas but in finding the customers or helping customers find you. Flyers on neighbors’ doorsteps, spreading the word at church. Marketing can time-consuming and labor-intensive.



try doing surveys online. there are legit companies out there. Surveys are boring but it’s easy. If I put effort into it I usually make around 100 to 200 bucks a month. I’ve tried a few dif sites but I recommend Cashcrate, the payout is better. click below to check them out


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