How To Switch On To Energy Savings

by Guest Contributor

How To Switch On To Energy SavingsLet’s face it. Times are hard for everyone. So, now is the time to focus on energy savings.

 You need to have a hand firmly on the tiller of your respective businesses is essential as we try to navigate these storm-tossed waters. As a result, we are all trying to make to make savings wherever and whenever we can to keep our head above water. 

Of course there are steps you can take to ensure that you reduce costs on your business energy and garner energy savings. The whole process begins with common sense and perhaps an initial cost outlay, which will ultimately save you some money.

How To Switch On To Energy Savings

ENERGY AUDIT: First and foremost you need to have an energy audit. You may have to pay out for this, but the benefits it will bring in giving you a road map will pay for itself. Your energy supplier and other companies may provide a free audit, but you may be better off paying for an audit to ensure you receive impartial advice.

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WALK THE PREMISES: Take a trip around your premises and look at where you think you can make some obvious changes. Low energy lightbulbs? Turning unused machinery off? Insulation?

STAFF INVOLVEMENT: Ensure that your staff are fully informed and fully engaged with the process. You could even offer an incentive for staff to suggest their own energy-saving ideas. Perhaps offer a cash prize, as staff may have an insight that you haven’t.

THE OBVIOUS SAVES: Switch things off. It may seem dreadfully obvious but it WILL save money. Turning off un-used machinery and equipment could save your business a small fortune. Fit timers to equipment so that you ensure it is switched off during non-business hours and you save business electricity.

LIGHTEN UP: Switch off the lights which aren’t required  and consider whether you could you possibly reduce the levels of lighting in premises. Install the most energy efficient bulbs you can. With fluorescent tube lighting, replace T12 tubes with T8 tubes to make significant savings.

There are steps you can take to ensure that you reduce costs on your business energy and garner energy savings. The whole energy savings process begins with common sense.

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You can also check to see if your state has incentives for updating appliances with energy star. Last year when we needed to replace the furnaces and water heaters in our duplex (we live there too), we found out that the state of New York would pay for half of it, up to $5000 if we did the work with approved companies and it met certain standards. It was a pain to jump through many of the hoops but well worth it. We were able to add some insulation in basement as well. We also were able to get the state to buy down a loan for the remaining $5000 so the loan is 3.49% and the amount we pay is less than we save every month in utility costs.



At my aunt’s house, they leave the bathroom light on all of the time. They just decided to buy a tap light to use instead to save money on electricity.


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