What Can You Do To Help A Child In Need?

by Guest Contributor

What can you do to help a child in need? Children across the world are currently living in conditions that many of us in developed countries could not fathom. Here, we take advantage of running water, luxurious restaurants, soundly built homes, and that cool new line of jeans at the mall.

These are things that we have grown up with, things that are normal and standard within our developed society. However, these are the ultimate luxuries for many third world children.

Currently, these malnourished and impoverished children are living out some of our worst nightmares; a world without clean water, warm homes, electricity, food, or clothing. Just what can we do to help these children achieve a secure and healthy tomorrow?
What Can You Do To Help A Child In Need?
One of the best things that we can do is to help amazing organizations, such as Unicef, to provide these children with the things that they need. Their Sponsor a Child program turns the donations of many proud contributors and supporters into food, clothing, water, shelter, and education for these unfortunate kids.

With the program, recurring donations can be set up to help the children. This organization runs strictly on donations, making each and every cent that they receive meaningful and important.

Even if it is only a one-time donation that you can contribute to help Unicef to bring a better future to light for the children, it is going to make a large difference in the life of a child somewhere in the world. Small donations may seem like they would not matter much; but this is farther from the truth.

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If only five dollars was spared by one million individual people, a small fraction of the world’s population, Unicef could bring five million dollars into its Sponsor a Child program; all for the price of a meal for a single individual.

One person can make a difference, no matter how minute it may seem to that individual. You can also give a Mother’s Day gift with one of Unicef Mother’s Day Gifts that will also go to help the children in honor of your mother.

If you have decided to help these kids and families that are in need, you have definitely made a life altering decision for someone in this world. You may never know who they are, and they might never know who you are; however, the feeling that both receive is much sweeter than any amount of recognition.

It restores faith within mankind, allowing us to see the beauty and compassion within ourselves. Unicef makes the entire donation process quick and easy, leaving no hassle for the donor.

With the millions of children and young families out there who are suffering in poverty, we must do all that we can to keep them from falling into an uncertain demise. They did not choose where they were born or the lifestyle that they were to be born into; however, the many more fortunate people of our world can change what is in store for their futures. With enough help from donors, incredible charities such as Unicef will be able to help bring an end to these unbearable living conditions and heart breaking situations.

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Great post. We sponsor a child through Compassion International. Most communities also have local groups that can use help as well. We write back and forth to each other. What a blessing it has been to see her grew. And what a tremendous honor to have had her pray for our family. There are no words for such an experience.

We were on a mission trip recently and our speaker pointed out that in America, we really live on a very special island. We need to take our eyes off of ourselves and do something. Whether it is giving of time, money, prayer or all 3. Do something. You can literally change the course of someone’s life.

cd :O)


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