Why I Love A Roth IRA And Why You Should Too

by Hank Coleman

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents has started a movement….a Roth IRA movement. With over 130 bloggers talking about Roth IRAs today, our goal is to raise awareness among investors, both young and old, but especially the young investors of the nation who are just starting out in their careers, just graduating from college, starting their families, and the like

On March 27, 2012, Jeff has gathered a distinguished group of over 130 bloggers to talk about why the Roth IRA is important, why we love it, and why every young investor needs to know more about it. I love Roth IRA and you should too. Here’s why…

A Roth IRA Changes Your Family’s Future

Why I love a Roth IRA and you should too!Does that sound big and heavy? It should, but it is also true. It changes your family’s legacy. I can remember my parents depending on their government pensions and Social Security to get by in their retirement. The Roth IRA wasn’t even a glimmer in the eyes of Congressmen back then. Our parents could have never dreamed about an investment that you could ultimately withdrawal funds from in retirement tax free.

A Roth IRA Will Make You A Millionaire

There is just no simpler way to put it. A Roth IRA will make you a millionaire by the time that you are ready to retire. Do you have dreams of sitting on a beach and sipping some fruity drink with an umbrella in it? A Roth IRA can make it happen. Do you want to do nothing in retirement but hit golf balls? A Roth IRA is the answer.

Other Great Roth IRA Articles Today

I thought that I would take this time to highlight some of the great articles that others have written today to celebrate this Roth IRA movement. Be sure to check out what these very talented and dedicated financial bloggers have to save as to why they love the Roth IRA.

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