How To Find The Perfect Work Life Balance At Your Job

by Hank Coleman

How To Find The Perfect Work Life Balance At Your JobAchieving a work life balance is often discussed, but infrequently agreed-upon by workers and their employers alike. While some people argue that it’s up to companies and managers to allow their employees greater flexibility in their careers to balance out their familial obligations and personal enrichment activities, others such as TED Talk speaker Nigel Marsh argue that it’s up to individuals to balance out their day jobs and personal lives on their own terms.

How to Develop a Genuine Work Life Balance

If you currently struggle with making time for family, friends, and your non-work related hobbies, then here are a few ways you can clarify your priorities and strive for greater work/life balance:

Get Serious About Organization

Organization is one of those to-do list items that we never seem to get around to finishing. We assure ourselves that we’ll revamp our folder organization system, clean up our scheduling planners, and clear out or desks of non-necessary paperwork, but with so much going on throughout the workday, it can be all too easy to push organizational goals to the side until we feel “caught up.”

The problem is, we’ll never completely catch up on everything, so it’s crucial to acknowledge the importance of organization to help us manage our time more efficiently and find new ways to free up time for our families and personal hobbies.

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You can start by downloading useful organization apps and setting a clear schedule that you will actually stick to. Find as many ways to remove the clutter from your life as possible, which will free up more space and time for things you truly enjoy beyond your job.

This seems like a simple step, but it will likely be the most difficult task because greater organization requires a change in your mentality in order to create permanent change in your approach to work and life. Be patient, let yourself make mistakes, and never waver from the goal.

Stop Trying to Multitask

Neurological scientific research has repeatedly shown that humans are terrible at multitasking. Even if we think we’re doing a great job of juggling seven different assignments at one time, we’re likely experiencing some diminishing returns on productivity compared to tackling one task at a time and moving onto the next assignment only after the previous one is completed.

Instead of trying to confront several tasks at the same time, you’d be much more efficient with your limited work time if you ditch your tendency to multitask. By taking an incremental, piece-by-piece approach, you’ll free up more time that you can allocate for your personal hobbies or socializing activities.

Schedule Exclusive “Off” Times

How To Find The Perfect Work Life Balance At Your JobIn our increasingly digitalized workplace, it’s easy for us to feel chained to our phones and email inboxes, always expecting a new issue to arise outside of normal working hours that we’ll have to deal with. While the constant attachment to your phone or laptop may feel comforting, you perceive you’ll never be out of the loop if you immediately know what’s going on at all times. But, others around you probably don’t appreciate seeing your eyes glued to your screen when you’re supposed to be spending time with them.

To avoid letting your work follow you everywhere you go, set aside blocks of time outside of your usual working hours for turning off your electronic devices. It can be difficult to initially break your addiction to technology, but your personal life and relationships will likely improve once you make a genuine effort to disengage from your phone and email for certain times during the day or night.

Dedicate Time for Yourself Every Day

This notion is deceptively simple: dedicate time to yourself. Sounds easy, right? In reality, we oftentimes get caught up in others’ expectations for us, whether it’s an over-demanding boss who wants more hours out of you, colleagues pressuring you into socializing after work instead of going home, a long list of familial obligations, and so on.

It can get pretty exhausting trying to please everyone, so the best way to recharge and balance your life out is by specifically scheduling time for yourself (whether it’s nap time, hobby time, reading time, etc.) each day. 

Perfect balance between your career and personal life probably does not exist. However, there are many steps you can take to reduce the tidal wave of work threatening to overwhelm your personal life including improved organizational habits, eliminating clutter, disconnecting from electronics occasionally, reducing multitasking on-the-job, and scheduling time for yourself.

Even if you love your job, the constant stress and pressure you experience in the workplace can put a damper on your hobbies and social time with family and friends. So, rather than giving up, strive for a better work life balance by following the aforementioned advice.

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