Three Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Financial Decision

We have all made mistakes in both our lives and with our finances. A bad financial decision does not have to completely cripple you financially though. There are a few things that you can do to try and get out of a bad financial decision. Here are a few tips that you may want to try instead of simply abandoning your debt which should almost never be your course of action. Look For Secondary Markets To Sell Your Mistake There are many secondary markets where you can sell your bad financial decision to someone else who might be able to afford it. If you are upside down on your car, you can try to sell it on Craigslist or to … Read more

Factors Why You Should Consider Buying a House

Buying a house is still part of the American Dream. There are several great benefits of buying a house that you should be aware of. While today’s housing market and the significant lack of available credit make owning a home more difficult, it is not impossible to purchase a home. With good credit and down payment, you can find a mortgage to purchase a new home. Get up to 4 offers at Renting should not be your default option when there are so many great benefits of buying a house. Top 4 Great Benefits of Buying a House Forced Savings One of the greatest benefits of buying a house is that it forces you into a set savings plan. … Read more

Three Financial Mistakes College Students Make – Radio Interview

If you could go back to your former self and give advice, what would you tell yourself? Have you ever wished that you could go back to yourself as a college freshman and change your ways or tell you how to behave differently? I sometimes think back to what I would have told myself about the financial mistakes college students when I was in college. I should have cooled it with credit cards. I should have had a budget. I would definitely have done a few things differently.

Find out about the best financial tips that college students need to know and financial mistakes college students make when I discussed the issue with Heather Moore and Ben Brashen on the Brashenomics Radio Show this past week.

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Why Your Stay At Home Spouse Needs Life Insurance

Do I Need Life Insurance For My Stay At Home Spouse

Do I Need Life Insurance For A Stay At Home SpouseDo I need life insurance for a stay at home spouse? Too many families forget to purchase life insurance for a spouse that stays at home and takes care of the children.

This can be a tragic mistake should the stay at home spouse die unexpectedly. There are many things that he or she does that would need to be replaced right away such as caring for the children, cleaning the house, and other items.

Not having life insurance for a stay at home spouse could make a dramatic impact on your family’s budget and put you in a financial hurt. This is of course on top of your loss.

Do I Need Life Insurance For A Stay At Home Spouse

Do I need life insurance for a stay at home spouse? Here are a few thing to think about when you are considering purchasing either term life insurance or cash value life insurance for a stay at home spouse.

It’s Tough To Replace A Stay At Home Spouse

If you stop and think about it, a stay at home spouse provides a lot of services to the family. Should your spouse die unexpectedly, then you would need to hire someone to come in and fulfill those roles in your home. For example, think of all the cleaning that your spouse probably does on a daily bases.

Your stay at home spouse also most likely cares for your preschool aged children. If he or she should die, you would need to pay someone to do those things. The same could be true for meal preparation. Not having insurance to cover the cost of these items could leave you in a financial bind.

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