Upromise Is The Fast And Easy Way Way To Save For College

Save For College - Upromise Is The Fast And Easy Way

Save For College - Upromise Is The Fast And Easy WayWhen it comes to saving money for college, many students and parents are turning to extra jobs, grants, student loans, and scholarships. But, there’s another way that you can earn money for college. At Upromise, they’ve gone the extra mile and made it easy to save for college.

What Is Upromise?

You can join Upromise for free. That’s right, absolutely free of charge.

Once you’ve become a member you can begin shopping on the Upromise website through featured shopping partners. These are merchants that you are already shopping with, but by buying things through the Upromise website, you can earn money for your children’s college education.

You earn cash back by shopping online, going out to eat, registering your store (both drug store and grocery store) loyalty cards, booking travel arrangements, and other shopping tasks and experiences.

You can also apply for the Upromise Master Card to help you earn money for college even faster. For each purchase, you’ll be earning cash back on your card. When you have earned cash back, you have three ways that you can use this money.

Save For College Using Upromise

The first way that you can use your savings from Upromise for college expenses is to put it into a college fund for your child or children.

The second way is to pay down a student loan with the money that has accumulated in your Upromise account. And, the third way is to get your cash back returned to you via a check.

If you choose to open a college savings plan, you can set it up to directly deposit your cash back into this fund. This fund is ran through a Sallie Mae High Yield savings account.

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The Benefits Of A Home Warranty Plan

If you do not have a home warranty, then you may want to consider getting one. Whether you are selling your home, renting it as a landlord, or living in it yourself, there are quite a few benefits of a home warranty that you can take advantage of using. Your Home Will Be Preferred By Buyers If you want to make your home a preferred home to potential buyers, then you will want to have a home warranty plan on your home to help you attract buyers. When you have a home warranty, then the chances are there will be more potential buyers interested in buying your home. A Gallup Poll revealed that 8 out of 10 buyers actually prefer to purchase a … Read more

Making Your Rent To Own Real Estate Attractive To Tenants

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Making Your Rent To Own Real Estate Attractive To TenantsFirst impressions are very significant when renting out your property, minor things can quickly put potential tenants off, but making a few slight modifications can up your appeal and sway them in the right direction. A well-presented property will entice the right sort of tenants and help you to make your rent to own real estate attractive to tenants.

Make Sure It’s Clean

If it is clean and welcoming when they first view the property it is very likely that they will work hard to uphold this, as this is what will have attracted them to your buy to let in the first place.

Cleanliness is of upmost importance. Dust and lingering smells could quickly put any one off. Open all the window and doors before a potential tenant comes around, filling the house with fresh air will make it much more appealing. Use pleasant smelling cleaning products but don’t go overboard.

Make sure you meticulously clean the house from top to bottom, dust surfaces and make sure the bathrooms and kitchen in particular are spotless. A grimy bathroom will put anyone off, make sure the grouting is clean and mould free bleach the toilets and sinks. Make sure the kitchen cupboards are cleaned inside and out.

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