5 Simple Ways You Can Work to Rebuild Your Credit

Benefits Of A Prepaid Credit Card For Your Finances

Not enough Americans pay attention to their credit histories. The lack of focus makes it difficult to rebuild your credit and restore your credit history. Thousands of Americans have problems with credit history starting from a large credit balance, errors on their credit reports, and even bankruptcy. But, many don’t know how to rebuild their credit report. How to Rebuild Your Credit An imperfect credit score and poor credit report affect your possibility to land a good apartment, find a good mortgage, and even get a good job. A rebuilding your credit history is a time-consuming process. But, it’s not impossible. You can not only rebuild credit but get rewards with a top secured card and make the process of recovering … Read more

What to Do When You Reach Your 50s and Have No Retirement Savings

What to Do When You Have No Retirement Savings

If you’re getting close to retirement age and you have minimal to no savings in a 401k or IRA, what should you do? Having few assets is one of the biggest retirement killers out there because Social Security payments aren’t enough for many Americans to live on – especially with average life expectancies rising each year – but if you’re in your 50s or early 60s and want to retire at some point, what can you possibly do? While it could be anxiety-inducing to come upon your retirement years with little savings to finally quit your job, remember that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with saving for retirement, so this isn’t something to be ashamed of. Instead, redirect … Read more

Top 3 Investments to Protect Your Portfolio from the Next Market Downturn

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Diversification is one of the most important aspects of investing which includes alternative investments. Without it, you run the risk of losing your original investment, as well as all the value it’s earned. Diversification spreads the risk of loss across your entire portfolio. This way, if an event such as a market correction occurs, there’s a chance that some of your investments will either hold or increase in value. The Importance of Diversification Risk reduction is crucial to building wealth and saving for retirement, but losses can still occur. If your portfolio’s value declines when you are young, you still have time to rebuild. If, however, your portfolio loses value as you approach retirement, you don’t have as much time … Read more

How to Manage Your Money – 6 Steps for Better Money Management (Infographic)

How to Manage Your Money

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post by PSECU, a credit union in Pennsylvania. When was the last time you re-evaluated your budget? The task of reviewing, pruning, and re-allocating our money often gets lost in the minutiae of life. You get too busy earning money that you forget to manage what you already have. What’s the point of going back out to the field to get a bigger harvest if the veggies you picked last week are rotting at home because you didn’t take the time to can, dry, or preserve. Similarly, good money management is about how much you earn and spend and what you do with the rest sitting in your bank account. Use the infographic below … Read more

Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Dog Food Without Sacrificing Quality

How to Save Money on Dog Food

We love our dogs, but caring for them can be pretty expensive! While having kids is more of a financial investment, paying for your dog’s food, veterinary care, toys, treats, training, and other expenses can feel like raising a human child at times. As with children, however, maintaining your dog’s health should be a higher priority than simply saving money, which is why the usual advice of “buy cheap food in bulk!” doesn’t necessarily apply to pet owners. Buying large quantities of cheap dog food that is full of corn and grains won’t do much for your dog’s skin, fur, and internal functions, just like how a carb-heavy diet isn’t the best option for humans, either. How to Save Money … Read more

5 Personal Finance Tips to Change Your Life Forever

Personal Finance Tips That Will Change Your Life

Managing your finances is kind of art that unfortunately many persons are not so good at, let alone masters at it. Although, like any other thing in life, it is possible to improve and that’s why this article will share with you 5 personal finance tips that will change your life forever. Period. So, I invite you to give this article a read because it will make you more responsible for your finances if you take action. Let’s get into it. #1 – The Cash Diet Can Change Your Life Forget about keto and paleo because the cash diet is going to improve your life like no other thing in this world. You don’t really need to rely on credit … Read more