Four Things You Can Do Now That Will Keep You Debt Free Forever

Keep You Debt Free Forever

Debt isn’t something that most people want hanging around their necks if they can help it. In fact, for many folks, it is there current goal to get rid of any debts they owe. This is, of course, a wonderful thing, however, sometimes we need to think bigger than just the debts we have now. Sometimes, we need to think about the things that can help us clear our debts and keep it that way. To help with this check out the strategies below. Create a budget with realistic expectations Budgets can often be great works of fiction, of idealized lives where we spend nothing and save everything, paying off our debts in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t … Read more

Buying Your First Rental Property – How to Know if You’re Ready to Invest

house for rent

If you already have a steadily growing investment portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, then perhaps it’s time to add a new type of investment to your collection: rental property. Investing in rental properties can be an enriching venture, but it demands a lot of planning and financial involvement to be successful. Buying Your First Rental Property Are you ready to invest and buy your first rental property? Here are some things to consider while making your decision: What’s Your Current Financial Situation? To get an accurate depiction of your current financial situation, you’ll need to calculate your personal net worth. This involves assessing your debts, income, and other investments. Also, take a look at the interest rates you’re … Read more

How to Get on Your Feet After You Graduate

Get on Your Feet After You Graduate

College graduates are having a harder time than ever to get back into the ‘civilian’ way of living. Fewer jobs are out there for people who are qualified in that field due to the impossible amounts of experience required, and buying a house seems impossible until about 10 years down the line. So your student loans are now sitting on your shoulder in the form of a debt, and you’ve got to find yourself a job to start paying it back whilst truly living at the same time. It’s confusing to even think about so use these tips! Remember that You’re Young and Free So one part of your brain may be overjoyed at the prospect of no more deadlines … Read more

Cost-Saving Hacks When You Embark Upon Adult Education

Go Back to School for Adult Education

Making the decision to go back into education as an adult is never a simple one. It’s a decision you have to take seriously, carefully weighing up the pros and the cons, and ensuring that you are going to be able to carry on your life even with the extra weight of studying. However, when you do make that decision, it can be revolutionary. It can signify the beginning of an entirely new chapter in your life, giving you the scope to take a little stress today in exchange for a more promising tomorrow. It’s tough, but it’s a sacrifice worth making. It’s also a sacrifice that will, eventually, allow you to recoup your investment. The better your qualifications, the … Read more

How to Invest in Small Business Loans for Growing Businesses with StreetShares

StreetShares Review - How to Invest in Small Business Loans

Although the unemployment rate for American veterans is on the decline, the creation of fulfilling work for veterans transitioning to civilian life remains a challenge. Veterans have an immense variety of skills to offer employers, but in some cases, working for themselves might prove more rewarding. This is why StreetShares was founded in 2013 – to give veterans greater opportunities to get the funding and information they need to start businesses of their own. How to Invest in Small Business Loans If you want to earn great returns on your investments and make a difference by supporting Americans who have honorably served your country, then here are a few ways to get involved in StreetShares: 5% Interest on Veteran Business … Read more

Important Money Lessons You Can Learn from Your Grandparents

Money Lessons You Can Learn

Not everything about the past was amazing. There’s no golden age that we can pin down, even though some people like to think there is. But we can still learn a lot from the past and from the wisdom of previous generations. When you want good money advice to follow, it’s often best to get it from the people who had it hardest. If you hardly have two cents to rub together, you really learn how to manage your money out of necessity. Plus, older generations had different attitudes and different things available to them. There were less choice and less throwing things away. Try these old-fashioned money management and saving tips if you want to improve your finances. You … Read more