These Personal Troubles Could Cripple Your Finances

Personal Troubles Could Cripple Your Finances

We often think that the only serious financial issue that we need to watch out for is redundancy or a loss of work, but that’s not true. The reality is that there are a massive amount of occurrences and problems in life that can lead to financial worries. Let’s look at a few and make sure that you are aware how to deal with them if they become a threat in your life. We can start by thinking about a common occurrence for people who are married. Uh Oh You’re Getting Divorced You might think that this is unlikely, but actually, it isn’t. In fact, the divorce rate is around fifty percent, so you’re essentially flipping a coin whenever you … Read more

Why We Tend to Save for Vacation and Not for Retirement

Why We Tend to Save for Vacation and Not for Retirement

Americans are often supposed to be too hard-working. Half of the workers do not use all the vacation days they have. According to NerdWallet research, we prefer getaways, but before it, we should plan our long-term finances. Nowadays more than 63% of Americans want to go on vacation in the following half a year. In 2009, this figure was 33%. That year was a year of Great Recession, but it shows us anyway how far we are from this point. Skipping the relaxation seems to be boring, but some data show that your overall happiness increases afterward. Studies, conducted in the U.S., Norway, Spain, and Ireland show that it gives contentment to old people to understand their financial stability for … Read more

Escape the Weight of Your Crushing Debt

Escape the Weight of Your Crushing Debt

At a certain point, debt can become an unconquerable force that you can not escape, no matter how hard you try. You can literally begin to feel the weight of it start to push down on you. It will shatter your personal life, make work even more stressful and can even crush your relationships. Just think about if you have to start asking your friends and family for money constantly. Now you’re not a brother or a friend, you’re a leech. Or at least that’s how you’ll feel even if they don’t see it that way. The question we need to answer then is what you should do when your debt becomes unmanageable. When it starts to crush you, how … Read more

How to Help Your Spouse Start Investing

  Are you married or in a relationship with someone who isn’t exactly financially savvy? This is normal for many relationships, but it’s important to understand your spouse’s views on money and encourage them to become financially independent by learning how to budget, invest, and start investing for retirement on their own. While money management was traditionally a husband’s job, Time Magazine reported in 2014 that a significant number of wives now bring in as much, if not more, money than their husbands and consider themselves very knowledgeable about personal finance matters. While there is less of a gender gap nowadays, budgeting and other financial responsibilities still tend to fall to one person, instead of making it a team effort. … Read more

Need, want, would-like

How to Separate Needs vs Wants

We’d all love to be rich, wouldn’t we? Or at least, we’d all love to be well off enough to be able to do what we want, and buy what we want, without having to consider the cost every time. Finding a good deal is always satisfying, but having to find a price you can afford all the time is not so much fun. When you are constantly balancing your income and outgoings, always having to compromise between what you want and what you can actually afford can get quite tiresome. And if things are really tight, even the smallest of treats can leave you feeling guilty for wasting your precious cash. So how do you avoid the constant battle … Read more

Do Your Finances Need a Shake Up?

If you ever seem to find yourself in a financial rut, then you’re definitely not the only one. It’s something that we all tend to face at some point or another. Whether you look at your bank account and wonder exactly where you’re money has gone, or you’re tired on not getting a good enough return on what you do have, then you’re probably in need of a shakeup. It’s easy to find yourself sticking to the same habits because they’re safe, but you can change and grow your financial future if you really want to. So if you want to make the money of the money you do have, these five points could break you out of your comfort … Read more