Understanding the Emotional Side of Debt

Emotional Side of Debt

We all know that debt is a pretty horrible situation to be in, but did you know that it can affect you emotionally as well? Whether it’s good debt such as a student loan or bad debt such as a loan you took out for a holiday, people in debt can suffer a number of different emotional issues and the emotional side of debt. Debt is no laughing matter and it takes a strong mind to be able to successfully circumvent the emotional effects that you might experience. To counteract this, let’s take a look at the emotional side of debt and what you can do to prevent it from causing more problems in your life. Regret It’s common to … Read more

How to Stay Safe and Prevent Fraud When Writing Checks

Prevent Fraud When Writing Checks

Writing a check may seem like one of the easiest things in the world. The problem is that there are a lot of fraudsters out there and they will do everything they can to take advantage of a check mistake and you may even lose out financially because of it. If you have been the victim of fraud before then you will know this all too well, and it can even go against you on your credit report. Take a look below to find out more. How to Stay Safe and Prevent Fraud When Writing Checks Use Black Ink Security is incredibly important when writing a check. Make sure that you use black gel ink where possible. This is because … Read more

Don’t Let Expensive Disasters Put You in Debt

Those of us that are expert budgeters still get caught out from time to time by expensive unforeseen disasters. This could be anything from an expensive car repair to an emergency operation to a busted water pipe. The easiest way to pay for these disasters is to take out an emergency loan instead of being in debt. Disasters Put You in Debt But this means putting yourself in debt and potentially paying a huge amount of interest that you wouldn’t have had to pay had your preparation beforehand. You can’t prepare financially for all disasters, but some can be anticipated. Here are just a few ways to afford disasters without sinking in debt. Invest in preventative measures Many disasters can … Read more

How To Pay Off Debt When You Can’t Increase Your Income

When someone falls into the debt trap, one of the most widely given pieces of advice is to increase your income. Doing so gives you more money, which can be used to pay off what you owe. However, what happens when you simply can’t increase your income? How do you pay off debt now? Well, here are three ideas that will help you: Slash Your Expenses If you can’t increase your income to earn more money to go towards your debt, then what’s the next best thing? Spend less money so you can use the money you save to slowly eat away at your mountain of debt. It’s a very easy concept, and it will work over time. The key … Read more

The Hidden Costs of Car Ownership that Can Bite You

The Hidden Costs of Car Ownership that Can Bite You

Most of us need cars to get to and from our jobs, campuses, activities, and homes, but few of us take the time to really think about the affordability of car ownership. Should you buy or lease a car? Experts are divided on the best option for drivers who want to save money without sacrificing safety and convenience of personal transportation. On one hand, leasing a car is a great way to have a new car in your driveway with little to no down payment upfront. On the other hand, owning your own car gives you an asset (albeit a depreciating one) that you can later sell for a return of some of your money rather than just giving the … Read more

Retirement Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Understanding The Ins And Outs Of 401k Retirement Plans

Did you know that one in four workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement? Yikes. Many people put off saving for retirement because of credit cards or student loan debt. They may also prioritize lifestyle over savings, deciding to live at one’s means instead of below. This can be one of the biggest retirement mistakes. Oftentimes people just don’t’ know where to start, even when they want to save for retirement. If your employer offers a 401k, that’s great,  you should probably take advantage of that. But, even if they don’t there are still plenty of ways to save for retirement. 5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid A big part of saving for retirement is not making mistakes. If you’re not … Read more