Dosh App Review – How to Get Cash Back for Your Everyday Purchases

Dosh App Review

There are many different ways to save money while shopping online, but the most popular tactics typically involve researching valid promo code offers, signing up for e-newsletters to get access to special deals (clogging your inbox in the process), and ironically spending more money to get access to offers like free shipping or rebates. If you’re looking for an effortless and free way to save money at the store and online then look no further than the Dosh app. Launched in April 2017, the Dosh app has revolutionized the way consumers save money on everyday purchases and travel expenses. Dosh App Review Instead of going through the cumbersome process of clipping coupons and researching promo codes, relying on your credit … Read more

Making Your Property Investment the Real Deal – Simple Steps to Success

Property Investment

Investing in property is one of the most popular ways of growing your money. If you invest in the right properties at the right time, there’s every chance of making a profit with property investment. But, investing in real estate isn’t always smooth sailing. If you’re keen to get a portfolio up and running, here are some simple steps to follow. Keep an eye on the figures Success in any kind of investment boils down to the ability to make money. If you’re thinking of buying a house or a flat, it’s essential to keep a close eye on your finances. Sit down with a financial advisor, work out how much you can afford to spend, learn more about fees … Read more

New Baby, New College Fund!

Which is better a public or private college?

Having a baby is a miracle but thinking about the future is what puts a lot of people off. Children are expensive, let’s not beat around the bush. It doesn’t matter whether you have one or more, children are going to cost you money from the moment that they are born. One of the biggest expenses that people consider before they even have children is whether they can save for their college education and how much you should be saving for college. College is a big deal, we all know that. Most jobs now come with a college degree as a minimum requirement, so having the right education doesn’t just give them a life experience, it could open doors to new … Read more

How Retirees Can Save and Make Money with Airbnb

Planning for retirement can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure whether you’ll have enough money to retire permanently. If you’re looking for easy ways to reduce your expenses and boost your income during retirement, then you can’t afford to ignore the rewarding opportunities Airbnb can offer. As of 2018, there are more than four million Airbnb listings worldwide. In fact, 191 countries participate. There are more than 200,000 senior hosts on Airbnb, and the company says the 60+ crowd is the fastest-growing demographic using the platform for both traveling and hosting. If you’ve considered joining Airbnb as a soon-to-be or current retiree, then here are some useful strategies for maximizing the value you get from the short-term rental platform. Making … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side

Make Money on the Side

If you’re having a hard time paying your bills each month or you’d just rather have more money for vacations, then a side gig might be the perfect option for you. A side gig is something you can work on in the evenings and weekends, separate from your day job, that brings in some extra money and make money on the side. 5 Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side The perfect side gig has a good balance between time spent and money earned, since you wouldn’t want to slave away your entire evening, only to earn forty bucks. To find a side gig that’s relatively easy, but pays off well, consider implementing one of these five. Become a … Read more

Setapp Review – How to Use Over 100 of the Best Apps on Your Mac for One Low Monthly Fee

Setapp Review

Do you ever wish there was an easy, affordable solution to transform your productivity with the click of a button? As impossible as this may sound, it actually exists: a nifty subscription service called Setapp (also referred to as the “Spotify of Mac apps”). Launched in 2017, Setapp has since acquired more than 15,000 subscribers for its multi-app access service, which is designed to make your academic, professional and personal tasks as simple as possible with the help of more than one hundred apps included in the subscription package. Setapp is your shortcut to prime apps for the Mac. If you want to clean up your computer, prevent viruses and malware from invading your Mac, organize everything imaginable on your … Read more