Is It Really Possible to Retire in Your 50s Now?

  A lot of us dream of being able to save enough money to retire in our 50s, or even earlier. But, the reality is that the average American retires around age 65. Since the average lifespan has increased as a result of advanced medicine and technologies, 65 might not sound too old until you realize that many Americans are retiring without enough money to sustain their lifestyles until they die. According to some research, American households have, on average, just $120,000 saved for retirement. Calculations may vary, but a good standard is, if you hope to retire in your 50s or 60s, then you should have at least 30 years’ worth of expenses saved up before quitting your job. Other … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Work Life Balance at Your Job

How To Find The Perfect Work Life Balance At Your Job

Achieving a work life balance is often discussed, but infrequently agreed-upon by workers and their employers alike. While some people argue that it’s up to companies and managers to allow their employees greater flexibility in their careers to balance out their familial obligations and personal enrichment activities, others such as TED Talk speaker Nigel Marsh argue that it’s up to individuals to balance out their day jobs and personal lives on their own terms. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” survey, stress and anxiety among American workers reached all-time highs this year. Work-related stress can lead to mental exhaustion, physical illness, and other detrimental consequences, so there has arguably never been a greater need for work … Read more

Is Your Job Really Giving You Everything You Deserve?

There are many things that you might hope for from your job. You might well want to make sure that you feel satisfied, and that you feel you are doing work which is in some way important or useful. You might want to be well remunerated, as otherwise, it could feel as though there is not quite so much that you are getting from it. Whatever it is that you want from it, there is always a way to make sure you get it – but the first step is to actually believe that you deserve it. If you don’t believe this deep down, then it will only lead to your acting in ways which ensures you don’t get it. … Read more

Mint Mobile Review – Cheap Mobile Phone Plans Starting at $15 per Month

Mint Mobile Review

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. If you’re trying to cut back on your budget and save money on regular expenses, then your monthly cell phone bill is a good place to start trimming. After all, the average person spends hundreds of dollars per year on data, texting, calling, and phone upgrades – but is this really necessary? Step aside, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile; it’s all about saving money with Mint Mobile now. This up-and-coming cell service provider offers incredible 4G LTE coverage and low, transparent prices on their phone plans compared to other major service providers. Mint Mobile even offers a 7-day, money-back guarantee on … Read more

Beat the Grocery Chains at Their Own Game

Here are ways to save at the grocery store.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t use one of the major grocery chains? If so, you are a rare bird, indeed. The reality for most of us is that love them or loathe them, the likes of Walmart, Publix and Target are our go-to stores for all of our everyday shopping needs. We all have our favorites, of course, and there are also the ones we like to avoid. Whichever your personal choice, you can bet on one thing – your preferred retailer will be playing all kinds of psychological tricks on you to ensure you spend more money than you originally wanted. How to Beat the Grocery Chains at Their Own Game From promotional offers through to the … Read more

Top 6 Money Saving Tax Tips for New Startups

Save Money in Your Small Business

As a startup business, you cannot afford to lose a cent and you will be needing professional help to manage your finances. Numerous accounting firms can aid in providing financial consultations to guide you on your way towards being a stable business entity. Beyond that, there are other tips and tricks to save up on cash during tax season. Listed below are 6 tax tips for new startups for newly opened businesses: 1. Deduct your startup expenses Your startup expenses include everything that you spent before the culmination of your business. As preliminary expenses, you may deduct these from the overall taxable income. This is stated in the Income Tax Act. However, this law states that the preliminary expenses should … Read more