Is It Time to Reboot Your Finances? Here’s What to Consider

Is It Time to Reboot Your Finances?

When it comes to your finances we can all feel the pinch from time to time. With summer around the corner you may be more worried than ever about keeping children occupied, or that upcoming summer holiday you planned on saving for but haven’t had a chance to do anything about. The financial situation can be a strain on your lifestyle, and it can also be a common cause of stress and anxiety. Is it time you focused on it a little more? I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider to help reboot your finances. Check your bank statements regularly When was the last time you checked your bank statements? Probably not for some … Read more

Storage of Bitcoin Roth IRAs

How Secure Are Transactions Done Through Bitcoins?

You may have heard by now that it has been acceptable to invest in cryptocurrencies since 2014. That is when the IRS determined that they should be seen as a type of personal asset. As a result, it also became possible to add these cryptocurrencies to individual retirement accounts comma although to date this is only possible in self-directed accounts. You can choose between bitcoin Roth IRA’s and bitcoin traditional IRA’s however. The difference in this lies in whether you will be paying tax on deposits or withdrawals respectively. Regardless thereof, because bitcoin is an intangible asset, a lot of people are confused about where theirs will be stored and storing Bitcoin. Storing Bitcoin Roth IRAs In order for you … Read more

USAA ETF Review – USAA Launches Its First Electronic Traded Funds (ETFs)

When you’re trying to diversify your investment portfolio, it’s important to go beyond the usual options of stocks or bonds and consider new investment opportunities. There are many advantages to diversifying your portfolio. You’ll have lower risk thresholds, greater returns on investments, and potentially lower fees. What you invest in is just as important as who you invest with. A fund manager or investment platform with a poor history of returns could spell disaster for your portfolio. On the other hand, a successful company, platform, or organization could be tremendously helpful when it comes to getting the best returns on your investments. USAA-made ETFs are prime examples of new and promising investment options. The United Services Automobile Association offered one … Read more

5 Home Renovation Projects that Have the Worst Return on Investment

Not all home improvement projects come with a high return on your investments. In fact, some home renovations can be downright disastrous for your budget and home value if you don’t do some careful research in advance to avoid throwing your money down the drain. It’s all about home-buying trends and preferences of potential buyers in your area. While “smart” appliances and home security upgrades are currently popular, you might be surprised to learn that luxurious additions to your home or backyard might actually hurt your home’s resale value! Why? Because buyers increasingly want low-maintenance homes for affordable prices, rather than flashy décor and immaculate landscaping that will require tons of time, effort, and money to maintain.  No matter what … Read more