How Life Insurance Works and Your Employer’s Policy Is Not Enough

Note – The following post about how life insurance works is sponsored by USAA. All opinions are my own. My wife and I have life insurance through our employers. But, here’s a secret Americans don’t talk about much – Our life insurance from our jobs isn’t always enough. In fact, most of the time it’s not enough coverage to protect our families should the unthinkable happen (the death of an income earner in the family). I’m in the US Army. I have Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) to the turn of $400,000 in coverage. While SGLI’s $400k is a very generous term life insurance policy and it has very low premiums, it’s still not enough insurance coverage. I have four … Read more

Credit Scores vs. Credit Based Insurance Score – How Your Credit Affects Everything!

Your credit score affects nearly everything finance-related in your life, from credit card and loan applications to even your romantic life. Unfortunately, the prominence of credit in our lives means that you could find yourself in quite a pinch if you ever miss a payment or two, consistently max out your credit cards, or have no lines of credit in your name yet. In order to keep your credit in good condition, it’s important to understand exactly what your credit score effects. It may seem obvious that a good credit score is well, a good thing to have, but studies have shown that many of us are a little delusional when it comes to how good our credit scores really … Read more

5 Steps to Building Your Credit History

Building Your Credit History

When they lend money to people, banks first need to determine the risk factor involved, and in order to do this, they will check your credit history. Your credit score is used to predict your future behavior and determine your financial habits. Unsurprisingly, a bad credit score will greatly reduce your borrowing opportunities. Here are five steps that you need to consider for building your credit history. 5 Steps to Building Your Credit History Even if you are a responsible spender, that doesn’t mean you have a credit history. For example, if you have never borrowed money before, you won’t have much of a credit history, so the banks will not be able to determine the risk factor of lending … Read more

5 Money Making Ideas the Digital Future Offers

Ways for Pet Lovers to Make Money

The digital age has brought immense convenience to our lives in many, many ways. From changing the way we shop to providing us a platform for our interests, we use the internet to conduct our daily lives without a second thought. However, one of the most useful features of the internet is the way in which it can help us increase our income. Here are our top 5 ways to make money online. 1. Get paid for things you already do We all partake in online shopping from time to time, and we give no thought to filling out an online survey. So why not make money from doing so? Paid surveys have been around for a while now, which … Read more

Developing an Expert Understanding of the Stock Market

For many, the idea of making a lot of money from the stock market and understanding the stock market can seem like an impossible dream. But anyone with a spare hundred or so can begin to make some money in this way, and – with the proper investment, at the right times – they might even end up getting rich from it. One this is for certain, however: if you dive into stock market investments head-first, without the proper research and understanding, you are much less likely to get anything out of it at all. You need to be aware of many factors, and those are what we are going to delve into in this post. As long as you … Read more

The Most Generous Self-Made Men In the World

For most people in the world, making money is a struggle. They work hard throughout their lives to ensure their financial stability and financial independence, maybe even to leave at least something resembling a fortune to their offspring. There are, in turn, people who have more money they can count. The Most Generous Self-Made Men In the World The richest people in the world have fortunes hard to imagine – enough money to give away amazing sums and still be left with massive piles of dollars. And some of the most generous ones of them are self-made billionaires who started low and worked their way up the ladder to fortune and fame. Gordon Moore Gordon Earle Moore grew up in … Read more