How to Create a Budget You’ll Actually Stick To

According to recent studies, just 41% of Americans have a budget. For the other 59% or so who just “wing it” when it comes to managing their money, they could be missing out on valuable opportunities to save money on everyday expenses, decrease their debt loads, and put more money into investments for retirement. If the idea of creating and sticking to a budget makes you grimace, either because you think budgeting is boring or you tried and didn’t like the results you got in the past, then here are a few proven strategies to help you really stick to a budget this time around. How to Make a Budget Be Realistic If you think budgeting is difficult simply because … Read more

OppsLoan Review – Personal Loans that Are an Alternative to Payday Loans

When you’re in a pinch and desperately need money, where do you look for cash? If you’re like a majority of Americans, you might not have even $1,000 set aside in an emergency savings fund, which means you’ll need to borrow that money from somewhere. In some cases, people turn to family members or credit cards to help them out, but if you’re running out of options, then a quick loan might be the only option you have. Unfortunately, the quickest, most accessible borrowing method comes in the form of payday loans, which have an average 400% interest rate, plus fees. This means you could end up paying $15-30 for every $100 you borrow. That is an outrageous amount of interest … Read more

Car Title Loans – When You Need Cash in a Hurry

The Hidden Costs of Car Ownership that Can Bite You

You never know when life can take a detour and you need some cash in a hurry. If you were to lose a job or have unexpected medical bills to pay, getting money quickly can be a challenge for many people. If you have less than perfect credit, finding a lender can be a challenge. But, if you own your own vehicle you may be able to successfully apply for a car title loan. With limited options, it can be easy to get pulled into the never-ending cycle of the payday loan. These types of lenders may seem convenient and practical, but are known to use less than moral financial practices to pull people in that cannot afford their repayment … Read more

Retirement Planning for Home Business Owners – How to Save for Retirement

Most know that Americans, particularly younger people from the Millennial Generation,  are not saving enough for retirement these days, but another surprising group that isn’t saving is home business owners, according to CNBC. Without an employer-backed 401k or pension plan, home business owners are at a unique disadvantage when it comes to saving for retirement. Whereas you can currently contribute up to $18,000 annually to a 401k, with some employers offering a 3% to 6% match, IRAs are limited to $5,500 annually, or $6,500 if you’re 50 or older. However, it’s never too late to start saving for retirement. Even if you love your business, you’ll likely want to step aside in the future. After all, you’ll want to pursue … Read more

5 Tips for Managing a Financial Windfall

What to Do After Winning The Lottery

The average American has an exceedingly low chance of winning a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot. In fact, only an extremely tiny proportion of the American population will ever be fortunate to experience the joy of winning millions of dollars from any lottery. That said, most people will run into some form of financial windfall (albeit far smaller than a lottery jackpot) at a certain point in their lives. These small windfalls may not have the power to propel you into the country’s top 1% wealthiest individuals but if managed well, can have a positive effect on the realization of your financial goals. Top 5 Tips for Managing a Financial Windfall Here are a couple of tips that can come … Read more

The 5 Traits of the Wealthy Anyone Can Adopt

Traits of the Wealthy Anyone Can Adopt

There are a million and one ways to become rich. You can build a company. You can enter the real estate game. You can become an employee, and work your way all the way to the top. Most people’s stories are unique. They can be in the same industry, but they’ve done things there own way. Yet, there are some common threads that flow between wealthy people. They seem to share specific traits, which, when combined together, make it much more likely to become wealthy. We take a look at some of these traits below – make them your own, and you might be on your way to financial success, too. Focus on Excellence If you’re going to do something, … Read more