Emergency Cash – How Your Jewelry Can Save Your Life

There are many different things that you will need in an emergency, such as water, food, first-aid, and other, similar life-saving, or life-sustaining items. All of them are important, but what about the times when you need more transactional items? For that you need money, but you may not be in a position to acquire the money you need, maybe you are stuck in a place that doesn’t accept the currency you have on you; there are dozens of scenarios where you might be in a position where you don’t have any money or where your money is no good. How Jewelry Can Help If You Need Emergency Cash That is where your jewelry can help to pull you out … Read more

Joany Review – The Easiest Way to Get Health Insurance

Health insurance is an incredibly complicated issue, especially if you aren’t completely covered by your spouse or employer’s health insurance policy. When it comes to making health insurance more affordable, the issue gets even more challenging for consumers. That’s because the markets are so volatile and premium prices seem to rise faster than individuals’ incomes can keep up with. Fortunately, there’s a health concierge out there that wants to simplify the process for you and find the best coverage at the best price possible for your unique health needs, and that’s Joany.   Originally known as Impact Health, Joany leverages data analysis and predictive models to make it easier for consumers to navigate the health insurance marketplace. The company was … Read more

Is Buying Always Better For Your Finances?

Millennials and Home Ownership - Do Millennials Need to Buy Homes?

Research online and you’ll find numerous articles suggesting that you should buy property as quickly as possible. The term thrown around here when referring to rented property is ‘dead money.’ While this sounds scary it simply means that you aren’t getting any long-term benefit when you’re renting, compared to when you buy a home. What people often forget is that unless you are buying a property outright – unlikely – you’ll be paying a mortgage. Essentially, until you pay off most or all the mortgage the property still does not belong to you. That should be enough to make you pause and wonder whether buying is always the right decision. But here are a few other times when buying is … Read more

Common Questions About the Divorce Court Appeals Process

People getting a divorce

If you have recently had a ruling made by a trial judge for your divorce. In most cases, both parties agree that this is the final outcome and move on. However, if you believe that there was an error in the ruling, you may want to consider your options for filing an appeal against the rulings. It is important that you understand a few important things about the divorce appeals process before deciding if it is the correct decision for you to make. Below is a list of common questions about the divorce appeals process. In addition to reviewing these questions, be sure to discuss your possible appeal with a Schaumburg Illinois divorce lawyer to ensure that you are making … Read more

Who Should Get a Christmas Tip? Your Mailman? Here’s Your Ultimate Holiday Tipping Guide!

Holiday Tipping Guide

Every year I write an article about how I am not going to tip my mail carrier for the holidays. I’m not a fan of tipping my mailman, garbage man, and a long list of other folks. I typically take a lot of heat in the comment section for my anti-Christmas holiday tipping philosophy. There are several reasons that I refrain from tipping certain people in my life, like my mailman. But, there are those that I go out of my way to give a tip to such as my housekeeper, my barber, and my guitar instructor. I’m not going to tip my mail carrier this Christmas. Who are you tipping this year? A List of Popular Holiday Tipping Every year the … Read more

Things to Know When Buying a Car with No Credit History

Yes, the way things are set up it looks as if you have to have credit to buy a car. The reality is somewhat different, however. While it does help, buying a car with no credit history really is possible—even if you aren’t the latest Powerball winner. Here’s what you need to know. Your Credit History And, right about now you’re going “Wait, what the…?”, but getting a copy of your credit report is important, even if you think you have no credit history. Remember that student loan you took out to go to school? That’s on your credit report. And, if it’s still in deferment, credit agencies will look upon it as being in good standing—even if you haven’t … Read more