Wallit App Review – A Great Budgeting Smartphone App

Wallit App

One of the most important lessons a parent can teach their child is proper financial management. This is something rarely taught in schools, yet a vast majority of parents do not adequately prepare their children and teenagers for independent financial management when they reach adulthood. Reasons for this may range from an unwillingness to discuss financial matters with their children to simply not realizing the importance of actively teaching kids the basics of budgeting, spending & saving, and other critical financial skills. To help families overcome obstacles in financial literacy education and family money management, the digital wallet and money app Wallit is designed to help parents manage the family budget more effectively and teach their kids about financial management … Read more

Where to Spend Your Money in Business Right Now to Make a Profit

Running a business is great when the profit is rolling in, but when it comes to growing it further, reinvesting your profits is important. But where is best to spend your money? There are likely to be plenty of areas in your business that are capable of growth, but which one takes priority? Here’s where you should spend your money on a business. Training Your Staff Employees are worth training because a business can end up wasting so much time in recruiting new staff. Successful staffing is one that has very little turnover during the course of a year. Ideally, you want to hold onto all your staff because they’ve all been picked based on their contribution to the business. … Read more

Probate Process: How Long Does it Take?

While death is inevitable, someone moving on to the afterlife is always deemed as unfortunate. Nevertheless, there are legal processes that govern the estate of a person who has passed on and one of these is the probate process. Probate Process The probate process is a legal process wherein the assets of an owner are distributed after his death. Usually, there is a representative that is appointed to oversee the process, but a local court ruling is necessary before any asset is allocated to the living heirs. The entire process includes the notification of all interested parties, as well as the payment of creditors and tax returns. After all liabilities are settled, the overall market worth of the assets is … Read more

Experiencing a Car Crash Away from Home and What to Do Right After

Why You Should Never Say You Are Sorry After a Car Accident

While driving is quite an enjoyable activity that could help you take your mind off things, it can also be quite a dangerous one if you’re not careful. Even if you are, it happens very often that a person has an accident because of the mistakes of others, and it can be a life-altering event. Car accidents become especially more complicated if you experience one when you’re away from home, and you’ll have to do some things to ensure that you get out of that accident with your rights preserved so you could begin recovering.  Stop and preserve the scene It is crucial that you don’t drive away from the scene of the accident. Whether it was your fault or … Read more

Equifax Data Breach Settlement: Are You Eligible?

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

It’s always important to know if you are eligible for any claims that can compensate for any troubles, pain, or misfortune that happened to you because of the Equifax data breach. Regulators are trying their best to give people what they deserve because of the Equifax data leaks, so let’s take a look at some important information regarding the settlements related to this issue. The Event That Shook Millions Back in September of 2017, there was a horrible data breach that leaked a lot of personal data and important information. This cybersecurity breach had hackers accessing full names, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, birth dates, addresses, and many more. The Equifax data breach has affected 147 million people, causing tremendous … Read more

There Are Two Parts To Your Budget Equation

Reasons to Add Fun Money to Your Budget

Many people only consider reducing their expenses when times are tight. But, there is only so much your budget can take in the way of belt-tightening. There are two sides to the budget equation. Another way to tackle the problem is to look at the other side of the equation. You can help your struggling finances by increasing your income as well. Understanding The Accounting Equation Or Budget Equation On the first day of an accounting class in college, the professor put the accounting equation on the board. It is an equation that drives the financial world. Assets – Liabilities = Equity. To put it another way in a budgeting aspect, your income – your costs = what’s left at … Read more