Types of Investments and Their Pros and Cons You Need to Know

You know you need more than a savings account to create wealth, but knowing where to channel your money can get very confusing. Depending on your appetite for risk, you must decide on the types of investments and which options will serve your needs better. But even before we get to wealth creation, it’s wise to know which investment options are available and their cons and pros.  Types of Investments You Need Invest in stocks  Buying stocks is like buying a part of a company. To successfully invest in stocks, never commit your money unless you are sure how you will earn profits. Ask yourself, what does the company manufacture? Do they offer services, and what kind? In which country … Read more

Cash or Credit? What You Choose this Holiday is Important

Cash or credit? You’ll hear this one a lot this holiday spending season. But unlike paper or plastic, cats or dogs, and white or whole wheat, this age-old this or that question may have a big impact on your finances. Cash or credit poses a financial dilemma for millions of Americans. While some swear cash is king, others borrow increasing amounts to make merry.  When it comes to your own festivities, which one should you choose? Let’s investigate what both options offer to find out. Should You Borrow? Cash or credit? Proponents of this option say it’s a great idea when you can earn cashback or other rewards. If you have a good handle on your finances — and you … Read more

Effective Ways to Prevent Misuse of Company Credit Cards

Some employees who prove their capabilities and their loyalty to the company through their exemplary performance are often given incentives, such as cash bonuses, all-expenses-paid trips, or company credit cards. The latter is one of the things that most employees want to have. However, if there are no safeguards in place, a company-issued expense card is vulnerable to misuse. Benefits to employees and company An expense card is a better option for employees who travel regularly. The employee does not have to bring extra cash or advance the traveling expenses. If the employee has to stay longer due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she does not have to worry about the additional expenses. A company credit card helps the company keep track … Read more

What Are Limit Orders? And Why You Should Definitely Use Them to Trade Stocks

Tips and Hints for Your First Stock Market Investment

Getting the best returns on your investments involves so much more than just buying and selling stocks at the right moment. Maximizing portfolio returns also demands closer attention to how you’re trading investments, such as getting the lowest possible price when purchasing stocks and selling while prices are still high. You can never fully predict which way the market might swing for your favorite industries and investments, but you can minimize your risk and maximize gains with limit orders. This unique trading strategy involves price limits on both the buying and selling ends of the investment spectrum. As a stock buyer, you want to get the lowest price possible per-share; on the selling side, you’ll be able to set price … Read more

Options to Make More Money and Have Fun

Making money and having fun are not two things you’d consider to have that much in common. After all, your experiences making money often don’t revolve around engaging in your favorite hobby. Instead, it’s usually stuck in an office waiting for the clock to tick by to hometime.  But you’ll not get anywhere with that attitude, and you’d be surprised at the number of options available to make more money while having fun at the same time. Here are some accessible avenues to explore.  Find Your Passion They say to do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. So try putting this theory to the test and discover a way to monetize your passion to … Read more

Getaround Review – Get A Rental Car For Less

Although car rental costs vary widely, you can typically expect to pay between $50-$100 for a two-day rental. And, that’s not to mention a $25-35 “young driver fee” for anyone between the ages of 21-24. Worse yet, you typically have to wait in a long line at the car rental office, fill out a bunch of paperwork, and wait for an employee to retrieve your rental vehicle, a process that can take more than an hour or two! Now, imagine if you could rent a car directly from your smartphone and for as little as $5 per hour. Your information would be already saved to the app, you have more flexibility over how many hours you need to use the … Read more