Juggling Work and Childcare – How to Make It Work for You

Most parents struggle to find the balance between work and family life, and one of the most difficult things to consider is childcare. Years ago, it was normal for the mum to stay at home to be there for the children, while the father carried on and went to work. We live in a very different world today, however, that means both parents are often at work – which means it can be difficult to juggle childcare. Fortunately, there are different options available to you to help you make it work. Take a look at the ways you can juggle work and childcare and help you find the balance of your family’s needs. Consider a different form of education Some … Read more

Blog Income Report – October 2019 (Net Income = $3,923.66)

Blog Income Report

Note – This blog post may contain links to affiliates. I earn a small commission if you choose to sign up for some of the services described below. This is my second blog income report. If you want to check out the first one, be sure to read My First Blog Income Report – September 2019. After more than 10 years of blogging, I was hesitant to show the income that Money Q&A produces. Part of me didn’t think that you’d care. The other part of me wanted to keep it private. October 2019 is a prime example of why I didn’t want to initially share my blog income with readers. October’s net income was over $600 less than September … Read more

How to Control Your Impulsive Spending Habits with Prepaid Debit Cards

How to Control Your Impulsive Spending Habits

When it comes to saving money and striving towards financial independence, impulse spending habits are some of the biggest obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals. Impulse shopping problems typically start out small: $5 purchases here and there. But then they progress into more frequent and costly purchases, as we grow increasingly desensitized to those small expenses until we’re spending hundreds of dollars per month (or week) on things we don’t really need. The problem is, human beings aren’t too great at differentiating between wants and needs. We’re psychologically driven to keep up with the Joneses by comparing ourselves to other people and buying more things, paying for more experiences to make up for any gaps between our happiness and … Read more

Planning the Retirement You Have Always Dreamed Of

401k Retirement Plans

After many, many years of working hard and saving, you can finally see retirement starting to appear on the horizon. However, the years leading up to retirement age and planning retirement are not ones to sit back and relax in and hope it all works out. No – you need to be doing everything that you can to make sure that you have what you need to enjoy a comfortable retired lifestyle. Taking a close look at your income and any assets that you have well in advance of your target retirement date gives you enough time to make any necessary changes. Obviously, you need to consider the sort of lifestyle that you want after you stop working. Perhaps you … Read more

GoodBudget Review – How to Spend, Save, and Give with Budgeting App


Did you know that only 32% of Americans regularly maintain a household budget? This abysmal statistic serves as an important reminder that the best practices of budgeting are not as commonsense as they may seem and it’s not enough to simply know how to budget – you have to put this information into practice if you want to see real change in your financial situation. Of course, budgeting isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, especially when you could be spending that precious little free time on more enjoyable hobbies like traveling or hitting the gym. If you’ve struggled with budgeting in the past or you only recently decided it’s time to start following a budget, how can you … Read more