5 Ways to Have Enough Money for Retirement

The country is locked down, the stock market is on a roller coaster ride, and for millions of Americans, the prospect of retiring may be lost forever.  However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. Even in the face of uncertainty, here are five ways you can make sure you have enough money for retirement. The Rules are Changing For years would-be retirees were told that there was a magic number when it came to retirement planning. This was called the 70 percent replacement rule because retirees would need to save enough to replace up to 70 percent of their pre-retirement income. However, today’s seniors are not only living longer, more active lives. They are also paying more for healthcare … Read more

Understanding the Types of Identity Theft – Know What You’re Dealing With

Have you been a victim of identity theft? Do you know someone who is? Read on to find out about the various types of identity theft. There’s a new victim of identity theft every two seconds. 33% of US adults have experienced it, and 1 in 5 experience it more than once. To protect yourself, you must know the types of identity theft you may experience. Read our identity theft guide to find out what it is and all the ways thieves may attempt to use your information against you. What Is Identity Theft? Identity theft refers to any attempt to obtain someone else’s personal and/or financial information to make transactions or purchases. It’s not always clear what constitutes identity … Read more

Going Digital – Should You Invest in Bitcoin Amidst the Global Crisis?

The current global crisis is by no means a secret as several countries around the world have implemented harsh lockdowns in attempts to suffocate the spread of the infamous Covid19 virus. While the virus alone definitely causes for concern for billions around the world, many have found themselves confronted with extreme anxiety concerning the financial future. Unfortunately, as governments focus on controlling the spread of the virus, countless small businesses are shutting their doors as non-essential sectors are forced to down tools. This becomes a problem as the economy is directly affected on a global level. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder if there really is a solid strategy to protect ourselves from the uncertainty of the global crisis we … Read more

I Am Financially Struggling as a Nurse – What Can I Do?

Are you financially struggling with your money despite having a job as a nurse? This is an occupation that is vital in the healthcare system. However, it is also a job that can be underpaid and undervalued in society. With a lot of financial responsibilities, such as rent, bills, student debt, and other expenses, you may find it hard. It is common for nurses to have financial problems. But the good news is that there are ways you can make extra money in your profession. Start Medical Writing A good way to make some money on the side is by starting medical writing. You can work freelance and use your skills for a number of medical websites. There are always … Read more

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Skip Buying a Starter Home


In the past, young adults were encouraged to buy a starter home before moving on to bigger and better homes for themselves and their growing families. Nowadays, it seems that starter homes are no longer than good investments they once were, due to a variety of factors ranging from rapid appreciation rates, consumer demand overwhelming supply, and changing family/mobility patterns among 20/30-somethings. Like many people, you likely grew up with the understanding that buying a home is an essential ingredient to achieving the American Dream – but does racing to buy a smaller, cheaper home really make more sense than waiting to buy your dream home a few years down the line? Contemporary economists suggest starter homes are no longer … Read more

5 Tips to Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio

If you are looking for answers like ‘what is diversification?’ and ‘how can you diversify your retirement portfolio?’ Then, read the article. Learn a few tips of diversification to protect your investments in the case of market or financial crashes.  Diversify to Reduce Risk The sole purpose of diversification is to mitigate the risks associated with your investments. There is only one theory of financial success; invest in a basket of opportunities. It is said that don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Most people lack the expertise to take advantage of different investments. They prefer to rely on one single investment, which is a direct threat to their retirement funds. Hence, one wrong investment can be disastrous … Read more