When to Call For Help

Have you ever considered the times in life where you may need a lawyer? There is every chance that, as yet, you wouldn’t have. After all, if you have had no use for a lawyer so far, it may not have crossed your mind to get one and call for help. A traffic ticket, however, is a legal matter – but so is murder. If you are the person who is accused in either of these scenarios, you’ll quickly learn that you will only need legal help for one of them.  If you are ever facing the legal system – no matter the reason – you should consult with a lawyer. The type of lawyer you need will depend on … Read more

U-Nest Review – Easy College Savings App

When you read about student loan debt in the news nowadays, there’s rarely good news about this phenomenon that’s more frequently referred to as a “crisis.” Just look at the latest student loan debt figures if you need proof: $1.56 trillion in outstanding student loans, 44+ million borrowers (including the parents/grandparents/relatives who co-signed the loans), 11.4% default/delinquency rate, and $101+ billion in default for more than 360 days. If you want to have kids soon or you currently have young kids and you’re concerned about their ability to pay for college in the future, then you’re no alone. Millions of parents around the U.S. – many of whom are still paying off their own student loans – want to create … Read more

How to Recover from a Financial Hardship as Quickly as Possible

Former boxer Mike Tyson is not an obvious source of sage wisdom. Yet, he’s credited with one quote that will ring true for many professionals right now: “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” And, you can recover from financial hardship with a plan. How to Recover from a Financial Hardship The sad reality is that millions of Americans are currently bearing the terrible brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond the obvious suffering of many people with the disease, millions more are struggling financially due to reduced hours, canceled contracts, or even downsizing. With that in mind, today we’ll share an action plan for how you can recover from financial hardship. Check out our guide here … Read more

How to Make Big Investments with Confidence

Consumers make purchases every day. They buy gasoline, groceries, light bulbs, socks, and a myriad of other small items. Some are functional, while others are meant for strict enjoyment. Still, a small purchase –– even a very good or bad one –– isn’t going to have much of an impact on your overall financial situation. Rather, it’s the big investments that could set you up for long-term success or strife. With that in mind, today we’ll explain how you can approach those big investments with confidence to ensure that you’re making a smart decision. Bring in a Professional Never underestimate the importance of a second opinion. No matter how confident you are in a given purchase decision, it’s always a … Read more

Simple Ways to Free Up Your Personal Cash Flow

Manage your personal cash flow

Do you find yourself short on cash by the end of every month? Are you trying and failing to meet savings goals? It may be time to reassess your personal cash flow. Cash flow simply refers to your income after taking away your expenses. Ideally, you should have money left over after taking expenses out to save rather than accumulate debt. Taking a good look at where your hard-earned money goes each month can help you redirect it in more advantageous ways that you are better able to maximize your paycheck. Here are a few first steps to take. 1. Look at your existing contracts One of the first orders of business should be analyzing your existing financial obligations carefully. … Read more

How to Rebuild After Divorce and Get Your Life Back on Track

Divorces can be financially devastating. Not only is the loss of a spouse’s income detrimental to your fiscal health, but you also lose moral support, often retirement benefits, and the safety net that comes from having a partner. You can rebuild after divorce and get your life back on track. A few critical steps will help you start getting your life back together and rebuild after divorce. Forgetting or delaying these tasks will cost you precious time and money, and add to your headaches. Rethink Your Retirement Planning Money is typically tight after a divorce: Both partners’ monthly budgets will almost always take a hit as one set of household expenses becomes two. But that’s not an excuse to forget … Read more