Top 7 Ways Not to Go into Debt this Christmas

How to Avoid Debt this Christmas

If things are rough this year for your family, that doesn’t mean that you should add to your debt this Christmas to make up for it this holiday season. It is okay to tell your children that Santa is broke this year. They probably already know that something is up, or they have an incredible sixth sense about how grownups are feeling. 7 Ways Not To Go Into Debt This Christmas One of the worst things that you can do though is trying to keep up with the status quo. Here are seven great ways to avoid adding to your debt this Christmas. Use Your Credit Card Reward Points My wife and I love to earn reward points with our … Read more

You’re Collecting Information You Are Not Using

We all understand that companies collect information on our behaviors, our shopping patterns and the like. But we collect data about ourselves, too. The problem is that we’re not analyzing much of it. And we’re missing a big opportunity to improve our lives and our finances. A friend was recently asking me about Fitbit. Most of my friends know that I’m a huge fan of Fitbit, those little pedometers on steroids, that help you monitor the number of daily steps you take and things like calories burned, food consumption, weight, sleep patterns and other health statistics. I love the service and what it tells you about your health. My friend was curious about how it can tell if you got … Read more

5 Tips for Pitching Investors Remotely in the Time of Coronavirus

The following is a guest post by Rizwan Virk, the author of Startup Myths & Models: What You Won’t Learn in Business School. If you’d like to submit a guest post to Money Q&A, be sure to check out the site’s Guest Posting Guidelines. Now that almost everyone is working from home, startup founders looking to raise money from investors will need to do so remotely. In fact, in-person pitches may now be a thing of the past.   As both an individual investor and venture capitalist, I’ve taken a lot of remote pitches since the shelter-in-place order started. My impression is that most entrepreneurs aren’t always putting their best foot forward.  Here are five seemingly contradictory tips to keep in mind … Read more

Review of Zirtue – How to Lend and Borrow Money With Friends and Family

Understanding the purpose of life insurance

In the past, sending money between family and friends could pose a challenge for many people. You either had to mail a check, complete a wire transfer, or wait to see them in person before delivering cash. Borrowing and lending would take at least a couple days, if not weeks to complete the transaction, assuming no issues arose along the way (e.g., check lost in the mail). Nowadays, money transfers are more cost-effective, secure and instantaneous than ever. While some payment apps may require you to wait a day or two for transferred funds to reach your bank account, the convenience of digital money transfers arguably outweighs any downsides. Of course, money transfer apps like Venmo or Google Pay aren’t … Read more