The Top 3 Silver-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies backed by assets like precious metals have proven to be popular in 2020. Investors uncomfortable with stomaching a volatile cryptocurrency market often turn to stablecoins to protect investments and hedge against sharp market declines. You can invest in silver cryptocurrencies. The concept of backing cryptocurrencies with assets like gold and silver is nothing new.  Back in 2018, Perth Mint announced the development of a gold-backed cryptocurrency to foster investment in precious metals. Australia’s biggest gold refiner said the decision to create a digital currency came as the Mint noticed a heightened interest in alternative investments.  Fiat-based stablecoins continue to dominate the market. Some crypto projects are launching gold-backed cryptocurrencies to try and capitalize on the bullion’s high price.  But several … Read more

Signs You’re Getting Scammed by Your Online Broker

While the investment industry is full of legitimate people looking to help you make the best investments possible, there are a select few looking to make a quick buck at your expense. You need to make sure that you know the signs to watch for with an online broker to avoid getting scammed no matter what. Here are some of the key signs you need to avoid. No Communication If you are opening an account with an online broker, they are going to be working closely with you to get you the best results. What should be an immediate red flag is an unwillingness to talk to you. They should be happy to speak to you about any concerns that … Read more

Top 3 Common Foreclosure Scams You Need to Watch Out For

In today’s day and age, you have to monitor your privacy and personal identity so diligently. From online identity theft to people stealing your social security number, everything you’ve worked for can be taken in an instant if you aren’t careful. There are many foreclosure scams to watch out for in today’s market. Another target hackers can attack is your home if you aren’t looking out. Homeowners all want to find ways they can stop foreclosure in Michigan and stay afloat with payments on their home, but you have to be vigilant about what resources are out there and how people say they can help you. Common Foreclosure Scams Here are three widely used foreclosure scams that could take you from homeowner … Read more

What Affects Stock Price and Makes Prices Move?

Tips and Hints for Your First Stock Market Investment

Everyone knows that the stock market fluctuates frequently and that it increases and decreases sometimes by large amounts. But why do the stock prices change? What are the factors that cause the changes? It’s important to identify the forces that cause this volatility. Here are some of the key reasons why stock prices fluctuate. The Economy  When there are changes in the economy it has a direct impact on the stock market. Whether this is a boom or a depression, you’ll see a change in stock prices the moment that this happens.  When the conditions are favorable, share prices will be at their peak, whereas when the conditions are unfavorable, you’ll see share prices drop dramatically – something that’s good … Read more