Is a Six-Figure Salary Really a Gamechanger?

The following is a guest post by Tracy Timm. Tracy Timm is the founder of The Nth Degree® Career Academy and the author of “Unstoppable: Discover Your True Value, Define Your Genius Zone, and Drive Your Dream Career“. If you’d like to contribute a guest post like this one about earning a six-figure salary to Money Q&A, be sure to check out our Guest Posting Guidelines. If you’re honest with yourself, I bet you have this as a career goal in the back of your mind. There’s just something about reaching a $100k+ salary that sounds like you’ve “made it,” right? At some point, the phrase “six-figures” became synonymous with professional success. You might call it The Holy Grail of … Read more

Budgeting Tips for a New Pet

Anytime you want to change your lifestyle — swap furniture, acquire real estate, shift careers, add family members — you need to consult your budget. Your budget is among the most important financial documents in your household; it helps you keep your income, savings, and spending under control, so you can remain on firm financial ground. And, it can help you if you want a new pet. Budgeting Tips for a New Pet Getting a new pet might not seem like a significant change in lifestyle, but considering the expenses of buying the pet and caring for it, you should certainly take the time to adjust your budget. Here are some money management tips for new pet parents interested in … Read more

The Best Situations to Use Your Line of Credit

Financial institutions have more than one way for most people to seek financial help. Many of these assistance programs come through loans, where people are lent a particular sum of money and have to pay it back before or on a due date. One of these loans that people can have is the line of credit, where there is an established amount of money that is arranged by the client’s financial institution. The client can borrow anytime, as desired, as long as it does not exceed the lender’s fixed amount. Once the amount is repaid, you may borrow again anytime. To many borrowers, it can often be the best type of loan to choose when you’re in need. Line of … Read more

What Is Compound Interest and Why You Need It?

When it comes to loans and deposits, there are only two types of interests applied; simple and compound. The type of interest applied depends on the interest rate offered by the lender in most cases. Calculating interest is one of the most confusing tasks, but only in the case of compound interest. Simple interest is quite straightforward and easy to calculate. Compound interest is where individuals tend to get confused, which is why an online compound interest calculator comes in handy. But before you go ahead and start calculating, it is best that you first understand what it is, why businesses use it, and how it is calculated. So let us go ahead and answer all these questions in detail. … Read more

How to Plan for Future Healthcare Costs

It can be challenging to plan for the conditions that may affect you later in life. However, learning your risk factors, trying to prevent problems before they begin, and choosing the right health insurance plan or savings for your health condition can set you up for success and reduce your healthcare costs. How do you know what might affect you? Look at your lifestyle and family history and watch for early warning signs. Here are some factors to consider. High Blood Pressure Many people don’t start worrying about high blood pressure and the danger of heart attacks until they are in their 40s or 50s, but in fact, many people in their twenties and thirties also have high blood pressure. … Read more

Becoming a Successful Landlord in 6 Easy Steps

The idea of being a landlord can be an appealing one to a lot of people. Not only does a role like this come with less work than a traditional job, but it also offers flexibility and a chance to dictate how you work. Of course, though, you still need to work extremely hard to find success with something like this. Property investment is complicated and often filled with pitfalls, but this post will be exploring 6 simple steps that can be taken to make the whole thing much easier for you. Let’s dive right in. Step 1: Planning & Preparation The first step in a process like this will always involve some planning a preparation. You need to decide … Read more