Affordable and Impactful Improvements for Your Home

Only Certain Home Improvement Projects Will Pay You Back

Whether you are considering selling your home or you just want your home to be one of the better-looking ones on the block, you may be wondering what kind of improvements you can afford to make. Here are some of the best improvements for your home that are likely to be within your budget and make an impact. New Siding If you are sick of the cracked and peeling paint on your home’s exterior or simply want to make your home more interesting, a high-quality siding job may be just what you are looking for. Siding can come at a more affordable price than you may expect. Many types of quality siding do not need to be painted, so they’ll … Read more

The Effects of Stress on Your Finances

Make Retirement Less Stressful

Are you currently or have you ever worried about the state of your financial situation? Whether you’re struggling to pay off debts, living paycheck to paycheck, living with minimal savings, or falling behind on retirement contributions, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced anxiety about your finances at some point in your life. After all, a January 2020 CreditWise survey by Capital One found 73% of Americans rank finances as their #1 cause of stress, significantly more than the rates of stress caused by politics, work, and family. Notably, the survey also found that more than 80% of Millennials and Gen Zers are reportedly stressed out by their personal finances. Still, financial stress isn’t exclusively a younger generation problem, of course. … Read more

Honest Tips for Finding the Best Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are tricky because they change daily, and there are thousands of them. So, how do you find out which ones are the best? Tips for Finding the Best Penny Stocks As you do your research, you will find that each trader has their own method, and unfortunately, you will have to find which one works best for you. I want you to know upfront that it will take time, lots of studying, and patience. Let me give you a few tips to help you get started: 1. Understand what penny stocks are Penny stocks are stocks that trade under $5 a share. Some for even less! The companies that make up these stocks are small, volatile, low-volume, and … Read more

Top 6 Simple Negotiation Strategies to Help You Save Money on Rent

Save Money and Time with Your Short-Term Rentals

Whether you’re moving to a new city or you simply want to reduce your budget’s housing category, there are plenty of ways for tenants to potentially negotiate a lower monthly rate on their lease. This is best done at the beginning of a new lease or the end of one about to expire within 2-3 months. Here are some of the best strategies for securing a better price on the home you’re currently renting and save money on rent. Virtual Comparison Shopping If you’re moving soon, you’ve likely been comparison-shopping anyway. However, if your lease is up soon, then why not scope out potential options in your area (even if you’re 0% interested in leaving your current community)? Many of … Read more