How to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

In life, almost nothing is guaranteed. There are so many different pathways that a person could follow, and it’s difficult to encourage someone to choose the right path to make sure they can benefit from all of the best opportunities and freedoms. One aspect of life that needs a little TLC if you want to guarantee its health is your financial position, as it’s so easy to lose money whereas it’s much harder to make it back. Protect Your Financial Future Ensuring that your family can enjoy a positive financial future will change their life dramatically, as laying the foundations in advance for your children will save them so much time, energy, and upset. It’s not easy to thrive in … Read more

Top 4 Things to Consider Before Moving to a High Cost of Living Area

The pandemic motivated millions of people to move for a variety of reasons, particularly those involving financial matters. Many workers in urban areas opted for areas with a lower cost of living when their jobs suddenly switched from in-office to remote work, while others sought less densely-populated locales to avoid large Covid-19 outbreaks common to metro areas like New York City and the Bay Area. While the pandemic seems to be nearing an end in the U.S., the dynamics of our personal and professional lives in this “new normal” have been permanently changed. Some employers have opted for allowing long-term remote or hybrid work options to give employees greater flexibility, given how many employees reportedly want to work from home … Read more

Financial Terms to Understand Before Buying Your First House

buy a starter home

Now that you have diligently saved up for the down payment check the numbers on what you can afford and attend enough weekend open houses to know that you are ready to own a home. Buying your first home is one of the biggest financial investments we make, and there is no set age to it. You can purchase a home when you are ready, mentally and financially. Before Buying Your First House When it comes to the actual buying your first home part, it is both- exciting and overwhelming. It is a milestone, but it can also be terrifying. You will come across a whole new language of finance terms which will only add to the stress. But the … Read more

What to Consider When Shopping for Extended Auto Warranties

Car Salesmen Tricks They Do Not Want You To Know

While unexpected breakdowns are inevitable at some point, purchasing an extended auto warranty when your manufacturer warranty on your car expires is a good way to make sure there are never any nasty or expensive surprises. Here is everything you should consider when choosing an extended auto warranty for your vehicle. Is the Warranty Provider Reputable? To avoid falling prey to scams, always check the warranty provider’s reputation before purchasing a protection plan. You can get information about the company from sites like CARCHEX warranty reviews or the Better Business Bureau to check the company’s reputation. If the business you are looking at has been around for a long time, the chances are that the customer service and claim processes … Read more

Financial Mistakes that Can Land You in a Whole Heap of Trouble

We all make financial mistakes from time to time. We buy stocks that tank or waste money on vacations that add nothing but stress to our lives.  But sometimes, you can get into the habit of making big mistakes. And they can land you in a mountain of bother later on in life.  In this post, we take a look at some of the biggest financial mistakes you can make, the consequences, and possible solutions.  Living By Borrowing Living by borrowing is, by definition, an unsustainable practice. And it is one of those things that can spiral out of control way faster than you would think.  You’ve heard of the power of compounding for investments? Well, it works the same … Read more

Financial Stress – Is Stress Negatively Impacting Your Finances?

financial stress

An April 2020 survey released by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 88% of Americans were reportedly stressed about finances as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of those respondents, 54% said they were stressed about not saving enough money (for emergency savings and/or retirement), 29% were concerned about fluctuating income, and 48% were stressed about paying regular bills like mortgage/rent, utilities, and healthcare. Considering the fact that Covid-19 has impacted almost everyone on Earth in some capacity, it’s understandable if you’re also feeling stressed about money matters lately. Even with the vaccination rollouts, it’ll be months – if not years – before we return to any semblance of “normal” life. Since uncertainty about the future can create … Read more