So, You Want to Play the Stock Market?

In spite of what the rising waves of anti-capitalists might have you believe, it has in reality never been more important to the financial stability and well-being of our society to create, preserve and spread wealth creation. But how do you know how to navigate this seemingly confusing and topsy turvy world? Is it even worth it with global markets in tumult and one new corporate scandal after the other to play the stock market? The facts are this: If you are at the stage of your career and life development where you have some money to invest, then finding the right stocks or funds is still one of the best ways to leverage risk and manage potential income and … Read more

Is Ethereum a Good Investment? Everything Cryptocurrency Investors Need to Know


Ethereum has been considered by many – including Forbes – as “the next Bitcoin”. It’s built off blockchain technology like Bitcoin. Still, Ethereum provides an extra layer of functionality such as automated smart contracts, which enable self-executing code without the user worrying about any third-party intervention. But, Is Ethereum a good investment? Many of these smart contracts are powered by Ethereum’s cryptocurrency/token called “ether”. Ether is the money of the Ethereum network, and you can buy, sell, trade, and store ether in much the same way as Bitcoin. What makes it so appealing to so many also explains its volatility when it comes to price. It changes fast, which means there’s a lot more room for growth! This is why … Read more

3 Tips to Choose the Right Tradeline for You

As a millennial, it can be difficult to overcome certain financial stereotypes that have been pinned on this demographic, including laziness and incorrect or irresponsible spending. Not only are these stereotypes unjust, but they overlook key economic challenges that this generation faces, such as the student loan crisis and an ever-competitive job market. Due to these struggles, the majority of millennials (roughly 56%) report feeling very unsatisfied or somewhat unsatisfied with their current financial situation. Choose the Right Tradeline If this sounds like your situation, then you may be exploring your options to improve your financial situation – and tradelines may be one of the tools you’re researching. Below, we’ve compiled three tips to help you choose the right tradeline … Read more

How Rising Healthcare Costs Can Frustrate Your Retirement Dreams

unexpected hospital bills

Although older adults (ages 65 and older) only account for 16% of the current U.S. population, data from the Kaiser Family Foundation found this age group accounts for 36% of all healthcare spending in the U.S. each year. When you factor in people 55+ years old, this demographic comprises just 29% of the U.S. population but accounts for 56% of all healthcare spending. Rising healthcare costs can crush your retirement dreams. The fact that older people have more expensive, more frequent healthcare needs than younger people is no surprise. Still, it’s alarming to see just how much money quality geriatric care requires, especially when healthcare costs are rising much more quickly than wage growth and cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for social … Read more

How to Save on Water and Gas Supply Fittings

You can all benefit from a bit of plumbing knowledge and understanding, and most areas of the USA enjoy a lifestyle that requires water and sewage plumbing. Whether you like it or not, water and gas supply fittings for plumbing are an inescapable fact of your existence. In preventing leakages and wastage, we save on Time Money Resources To achieve this, you need to ensure you understand the material that gets used. Introduction Many materials can find applications for your water and gas supply fittings. Older homes used to use lead-based pipes, which have been considered hazardous and should get replaced immediately. When you think about making plumbing repairs, the selection of lines comes down to materials used, cost, durability, … Read more

How to Easily Make Money Renting Your Land for Camping

renting your land for camping

Ever since Airbnb first took the sharing economy by storm in 2008, dozens of similar home-away-from-home platforms have sprung up to provide niche travel experiences for consumers seeking alternatives to traditional motels and hotels. It’s been largely a win-win experience for guests and hosts alike: travelers get access to more affordable, unique accommodations, and homeowners get extra income on the side without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. But, did you know that you can make money renting your land for camping? Beyond the usual Airbnb options – such as renting a room in someone else’s private residence or booking an entire home for yourself and friends or family – multiple websites now let you host and/or … Read more