How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

The simple fact that everyone has the ability to pursue freedom in his or her own way is what makes this country so great. When you think about driving across the open road, wind at your face, and truly being one with the road, it’s easy to fall in love with riding a motorcycle. But, it can be a struggle sometimes to find affordable motorcycle insurance.

The problem is that motorcycles are traditionally a bit more expensive when it comes to insurance. The reasons are many: drivers of motorcycles tend to be younger, the bikes themselves are more flashy, and if a wreck does happen it can cause a lot more damage than something like a minivan would.

Rather than just taking the first quote you get, it makes more sense if you take your time and simply shop around for affordable motorcycle insurance. You would be surprised at how many companies out there truly want to get your business, and at how many will charge you an arm and a leg just to write a simple policy

How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Take the Course

As simple as it sounds, you should consider taking the motorcycle safety course. Oftentimes these courses are free for participants, and even if they aren’t they will most likely save you far more than you spend on registration.

It’s a great chance for beginners to learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques. It’s also a great way for the veterans to brush up on some of the rules of the road, while also imparting some much needed wisdom onto the younger riders.

This isn’t just important because it could give you certain privileges (some states won’t allow you to ride without a helmet until you’ve taken the class for a certain number of years), it can also give you a major discount on your motorcycle insurance premiums. All for a few hours in the classroom and a parking lot, you could put some serious cash back in your pocket.

Special Vehicle Needs Special Coverage

When you think about the typical bike, they are anything but typical. People will customize their rides to meet their needs, look cool, have performance modifications, and even have bells and whistles on them to better enjoy the experience. Basically, people like to customize their rides.

This is completely different than the way that people treat their cars and other passenger vehicles. Every single one of them looks like a stock model that was driven off of the lot (except a few more crumbs inside of the seats). That’s exactly why insurance experts like CoverHound say to perform a motorcycle insurance comparison for what companies specialize in writing actual motorcycle and chopper insurance.

Car companies might be used to writing cookie-cutter coverages, but what you need is a company that specializes in making sure your bike is fully covered. The last thing in the world that you want to happen is have a claim and then realize you are only covered for a loss to a generic or a stock model.

Look into Standard Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

While they may not be specific to motorcycles, if you are thinking about saving money when it comes to insurance you need to consider the universal insurance discounts. Not only can you save by increasing the deductible and reducing the number of payments to an annual payment plan, you can also do things like switch to an automated payment drafted from your account to save on installment fees and stamps as well.

Stay Together

Another major way to potentially save on your motorcycle insurance is to take the advice from and consider joining an association. Not only do those groups continue to ride together, share advice, and socialize with one another, but you could also get a great rate on affordable motorcycle insurance.

By simply being in an organization that loves to ride you will be surprised how many people could reach out to you as a member offering discounted rates. Even better, you could wind up seeing one of your association buddies, hear about a great rate and then share it with you. Sticking together with other like-minded riders truly has its advantages.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to go with whatever coverage makes sense for you. You truly can see how important it is to get on the road and have the exact type of freedom that you need.

That being said, you also don’t want to waste a great opportunity to protect yourself from the worst possible scenarios. By better understanding your motorcycle insurance options and by having a top quality insurance carrier by your side, you can ensure that you are always covered and protected regardless of what happens.

Do you have affordable motorcycle insurance?

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