How to Get on Your Feet After You Graduate

Get on Your Feet After You Graduate

College graduates are having a harder time than ever to get back into the ‘civilian’ way of living. Fewer jobs are out there for people who are qualified in that field due to the impossible amounts of experience required, and buying a house seems impossible until about 10 years down the line. So your student loans are now sitting on your shoulder in the form of a debt, and you’ve got to find yourself a job to start paying it back whilst truly living at the same time. It’s confusing to even think about so use these tips!

Remember that You’re Young and Free

So one part of your brain may be overjoyed at the prospect of no more deadlines or finals, but your heart is wishing graduation just hadn’t happened yet. Try to reconcile these parts with each other, as living with nostalgia just doesn’t make the present any better. That means focusing on the here and now and the tasks you have to complete: finding your own place, getting a good job, and standing on your own two feet.

If you need a hand with these considerations, seeing as the market is the way it is, don’t be afraid to look for help. This can come from friends and family, charitable funding and non-government sources, or more traditional sources. So maybe the last thing you’ll want to think about is another bit of debt on top of what you already have, but with quick loans, it’s just a few bucks with little interest, specially made for people like you.

Find a Job that Works for You

There’s no point rushing into the first job that offers something to you. Whilst it may be a good experience for further work, is it what you really want from your career plans? Of course, you need income to live off of, but try not to make this a permanent mental state. People usually still have a foothold to come back to after they’ve completed a degree, so use this to your advantage and try to shop around as much as the employers try to shop you.

Similarly, you won’t have to start paying back your student debt until you’re earning a base amount each year. It doesn’t have to hurt your credit score either, as paying back the necessary amount before the due date either each week or month improves it little by little! This can vary from region to region so make sure you know what you have to garner in livable income after tax each annum and then start giving to remove the worst weight from your shoulders.

The university leaving years don’t have to be as unbearable as they seem in the media. Keep a strong head about you and keep your money worries to the side and they’ll be just as bearable as any other worry in your life. Look for advice and schemes to help, and don’t miss any chances to sign up for these.

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