Top Financial Apps for Android Smartphones that You Must Have Today!


Your device may not be so profitable when you miss out on some Apps. What makes an excellent experience has functional Apps that help you track some aspects in life, what you do, and many more. Google play store has a variety of apps where some are excellent and easy to use. When you find the best Apps, you can be sure to have a splendid experience.

We will provide you with some of the Android Apps that can change your experience in 2020. Apart from the play store, you can also find some best Android APP elsewhere. If you are an Android lover and enthusiast, you are going to love these apps. If you have not installed on your device, do not hesitate because they will give you a perfect experience. Besides, they will also add value to what you engage in and make your daily chores a lot easier.

Excellent Google Play Store Apps for Android

Unlike other Apps, we will concentrate on ones that are available at Google play store. Therefore, you can get regular updates and advance as technology shifts. We guarantee you excellent performance of these Apps, and you will like it.

Feedly Google Play Store App

Probably you have heard about this App. If not, then install it right now! It will enable you to manage all websites and blogs you read at a single place. It also allows you to categorize everything you peruse. With this App, you will not have to check regularly for updates because it will update you. When you want to read an article, you tap, and it opens in Feedly. Besides, options for sharing are also included.

Google Chrome

It is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about it when you are an internet user. It is an excellent browser you can install on your Android device. Many current tools are preinstalled, but folks often us Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini, among others.

They are not bad, but they cannot offer the experience and services provided by Chrome. It gives an immense browsing experience. It is possible to synchronize your history, payment data, and passwords, among others. Chrome enables you to manage your entire browsing at a single place. You can also find an excellent essay writer here and extend your knowledge base by interacting with experts.


Sometimes you wonder why you always run out of money, and you do not get the best answer. If that is the case, then you need MoneyView. It will enable you to find where you spend your money. It automatically senses your SMS and categorizes your expenditure together with the balances of different accounts.

It also allows you to set billing reminders manually. It also does not synchronize your data to the internet. Being an offline App, it has no issues to do with security. It is ideal for helping you manage your cash and overcome instances of running out of money without noticing.

Office Lens

If you often work with documents, then you need this app. It’s one of the best apps for Android. It is handy and makes your android device a portable scanner.

The eminence of your text corresponds to the quality of your camera. The App creates imagery borders for any document you put in front of the camera. You can edit the edges after you capture the photo to make it resemble that from a scanner. When you are done, you can easily upload the document.


It is a place where you can find answers to any question related to the topic of interest. If you are troubled with a problem, you can ask the community, or if you have answers, you can still post it. It is an excellent place where you can improve your knowledge on different topics. It can also help you advance your contact with scholars worldwide. They help you shape your perspective and thinking about various topics.

All these apps have learning aspects. They help you get some insights that are relevant to daily life but often ignored. There are lots of best android apps that can transform your interaction with the internet. Do not be locked out when there is a whole new world in Apps that you can easily access.

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