Top 6 Invaluable Apps for Remote Workers that You Need Today!

Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less Customers

Remote working continues to become more popular than ever. Some people prefer remote work because of its flexibility, yet it enables one to contribute to their niche industry. For others, it’s the need to hire experts for a particular business that may not be readily available in their own country. Here is a list of the best apps for remote workers.

Best Apps for Remote Workers

Such jobs are not just for programmers or freelancers; companies are now opting to hire remote workers to cut down costs. Research shows that more than 16% of global companies are fully remote, and 54% of US employees tend to work remotely at least once per month.

While advancement in technology has made it possible for any business expert to work from anywhere, to most people, a remote job means having internet, and a laptop. However, there are so many tools to choose from that it can be overwhelming for a novice remote worker. Luckily, we have compiled the top essential apps for remote workers that every remote employee should have.


The daily commute to the office can be draining to your finances. Luckily if you are a remote worker, you never have to worry about that. With this portion of the money being saved from your monthly budget, you must channel it into a more productive area, like your savings account.

Clarity, which is free for Android, iOS, and the web, breakdowns your expenditure so that you get to know where the majority of your money goes to. Using this app, you can streamline your finances and save more at a faster pace. Besides, Clarity adds all your accounts into the app so that you can easily transfer money between different bank accounts.


One of the advantages that remote employees like essay writers have is that they get to work from anywhere in the world. Getting comfortable working and sleeping areas even for a few days without going over budget can be a dream come true with Airbnb.

With this app installed on your phone or laptop, you get to filter the kind of accommodation you want, either a private room where you have the whole place to yourself or sharing specific amenities. According to a recent survey, 22% of millennials are more likely to work from the bed, while 20% prefer a balcony or veranda. With this app, you can choose a place based on location, price, and other features that are important to you.


Are you a remote worker that wants to stay focused every day and achieve maximum productivity? Then set achievable smart goals. Serene allows you to set a single daily goal and remain focused on accomplishing it.

This app blocks distracting websites and apps by denying access during the work session to enhance productivity. It also has the option of keeping your phone in silent mode. With this app’s session time and ability to create to-do lists, you will be able to see how much time you have before you can complete the set goal.


Did you know that there are apps for remote workers that can help declutter your email inbox? Feedly is one such great tool. Sorting through many unimportant daily emails is time-wasting and sacrifices productivity. Feeder helps declutter the inbox so that only important emails take away your attention.

This app also acts as an RSS reader to all your favorite sites so that you can effortlessly connect to countless websites and social media content that is related to your work or career.

Wi-Fi Map

Every freelancer, digital nomad, or remote worker needs a working stable internet connection. In some countries, finding a free, stable internet can be hard, and that is where the Wi-Fi map comes in.

It points you to areas where you can access free Wi-Fi and will even carry out the speed test to show you how high or weak the download and upload speeds are. It also comes with a VPN, a secure connection that provides safety and privacy. This means that even when you connect to free Wi-Fi in a restaurant or bus, no unwanted parties will access your data or monitor your work.

Mind Meister

If you are a freelancer that uses their creativity to get paid, then you need an app that enables you to jot down any great ideas wherever you may be, and that is where Mind Meister comes in handy. This app gathers your thoughts and puts them in an organized manner.

With technology, anyone can work from their couch, at a local coffee shop, or from the comfort of their beds. Regardless of where you prefer to work, the apps for remote workers and tools at your disposal make the remote working process a whole lot better.

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