Bitcoin vs Libra – How Are These Cryptocurrencies Different?

How Secure Are Transactions Done Through Bitcoins?

Many people are curious about cryptocurrencies but still don’t fully understand how they work. We marvel at stories like the Norwegian guy who bought $27 worth of Bitcoin in 2009 (worth $980,000 in 2019 figures) and wonder how people with even one Bitcoin were clever enough to invest before it surpassed $18,600 in December 2017. It’s worth mentioning how volatile cryptocurrencies can be. In 2019, the value of one Bitcoin has hovered around the $9-11,000 mark, which is nearly half of what it was worth during the peak of Bitcoin hype just two years prior. Several other cryptocurrencies have come out over the years – including the Shiba Inu meme-inspired Dogecoin – but few have experienced the massive popularity and … Read more

How to Lower Internet Bill – 8 Simple Ways to Try

Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less Customers

Paying for the internet can be a huge drag in the U.S. because diversified options in the market scarcely exist. Internet service providers (ISPs) are notoriously monopolistic, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has done little to regulate Internet companies and prevent them from price gouging customers with shady advertising and pricing tactics (especially when the ISP is the only provider in the area, leaving customers with no option but to continue service with them). If you’re frustrated with your current Internet provider and want to learn how to lower your internet bill, then here are 8 different strategies you could try. Assess Your Wi-Fi Needs Firstly, do you need your current level of Internet speed and monthly data allotment? … Read more

Top 7 Mistakes Landlords Make Starting and How to Fix Them

Save Money and Time with Your Short-Term Rentals

If you’ve recently become a landlord or are considering purchasing a second home for renting purposes, you’ve likely been introduced to a large bevy of responsibilities and duties you never expected you’d have. You can also find many mistakes landlords make. While renting out your property can be an extremely lucrative business venture, many enter the realm of rentals without proper knowledge or education on the subject and find it’s not as easy as expected. We’ve laid out the top mistakes landlords make when they run into, and the things you can do to avoid them. Top 7 Mistakes Landlords Make 1. Lease Issues Leases are the single most important thing to have completed before allowing someone to live in your … Read more

How to Get Passive Income – Top 4 Easy Passive Income Ideas

Lending Club Passive Income With Automated Investing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money while you sleep? This may sound like an impossible dream for many people, but a little upfront cash, research, and creativity can help you start earning a passive income within weeks or even days. Unlike an “active income,” which you make from working as an employee, business owner, or freelancer, a passive income stream is designed to make money for you with minimal to no effort. Everyone could benefit from having a passive income on the side. Either to supplement their working income or preserve their retirement savings. However, too few people take advantage of this lucrative opportunity because they mistakenly assume that passive income streams only come from scams like … Read more

Top 6 Surprising Tax Write Offs that New Business Owners Need to Know

Tax Write Offs

Taxes can be one of the most complicated parts of being a business owner, and the array of new changes that came out in the new tax reform bill in 2017 has seemingly complicated matters further for business owners. On one hand, there are exciting new incentives that entrepreneurial folks didn’t have access to beforehand, such as greater first-year depreciation levels (more on this below). On the other hand, the new tax bill eliminated several tax write offs that employees and employers alike would’ve preferred to keep, such as the deductions for job interview-related travel and entertainment deductions. Whether you’re a brand new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur who’s still struggling to fully understand the new, post-2017 tax reality … Read more

Top 3 Simple and Best Passive Income Ideas for Retirees

Whether you’re 10 years away from retirement or retiring this year, money management and saving don’t stop when your regular job income does. In fact, financial management in retirement can be a stressful experience if you don’t plan carefully beforehand and continue your saving habits during your golden years. To avoid the panic-inducing question of whether your current nest egg will last as long as you do, there are several retirement mistakes to avoid. Don’t increase your spending, pay attention to potential income opportunities, and never borrow money from your retirement account for nonessential purposes. Luckily, there are many ways to financially secure yourself and your spouse during your retirement years. Thankfully, these strategies don’t necessarily involve taking on a part-time job to … Read more