Top 9 Best and Simplest Smartphone Apps to Earn Rewards

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Believe it or not, nowadays, we’re more active and enthusiastic on the internet than we are anywhere else. Recent research shows that online surfers spend close to 7 hours on the internet every day.

It’s a known fact that the internet is great to socialize, share opinions, and develop your personality. However, what if we told you that you could earn amazing rewards and use your screen time productively?

Yes, many apps let you earn rewards while you’re surfing the internet. These apps assign minor tasks or help you find small jobs around you to earn some passive income.

If you have some time at hand and want to put it to good use, you’re on the right page.

Here’s a list of the best apps to earn rewards so you can choose the one for you. Let’s get started.

Google Opinion Rewards

While more and more people are viewing social media as a plaque these days, there’s no denying that it gives us a platform to speak our minds. What if we told you that you could get paid for that as well?

We all know a person who has his own opinion regarding everything. If you’re such a person, then Google Opinion Rewards is perhaps the best app to earn rewards for you.

Most importantly, the app is backed by the most popular search engine on the internet, so it’s completely reliable and legit. All you have to do is download the app and take short surveys about various topics.

Moreover, the app mainly includes short surveys that you can complete in small pockets of time. This can be when you’re waiting for your order at a restaurant, or in the elevator.

The app pays you in the form of Google Play credits. You can later redeem these credits for hard cash and receive it through PayPal.


For people who love scrolling through online content, Fronto is one of the best apps to earn rewards. Whatever you’re doing on the internet, from reading articles, reading emails, watching videos, doing your school research and downloading books, Fronto will keep an eye on your activity from the background.

Once you download the Fronto app, it will work on your browser and allow you to earn rewards through your daily online activity. The best part about this app is that there are no specific tasks you need to complete. Just do what you like and earn on the way.

We know what you’re thinking, it’s quite shady to have an app watching everything you do. However, Fronto is a non-intrusive app that does not save your data or slow your browser speed.

Furthermore, you can use the rewards you earn through Fronto while shopping on Amazon, or get a Gift Card to redeem in your favorite restaurants and entertainment sections. You can also cash out your rewards through PayPal.


Attention all amateur photographers on the internet. If you spend your time snapping photos of everything you eat or wherever you go, you can cash your hobby through Foap.

Foap helps you sell your daily photographs by looking through a list of brands and buyers all over the world. The app has an extensive reach that lets you find Buyers across the globe. You can either sell your existing photos or acquire projects to work on through the app.

Moreover, the app gives out particular photography tasks organized by well-known brands like Pepsi. These photos help the brand advertise their product, for which they pay you your rewards through Foap.

The best part is, you get actual money by working for Foap. No gift cards or points, you can easily withdraw your payment through PayPal.

Perk Pop Quiz

Perk Pop Quiz is another fun app where you earn rewards while enjoying yourself. As the name suggests, the app offers lots of exciting quizzes that you can take in your free time.

These quizzes cover lots of topics, from music albums to movies, trivia, and general knowledge. Needless to say, you’ll get points to complete each quiz. These points will be registered in your Perk Plastik Card.

Furthermore, you can use this card to get gift cards and discounts on your favorite brands and restaurants. Besides that, the app conducts a lucky draw each day for $50. With each quiz you complete, you sign up for the lucky draw cash prize for that day.


Bitwalking is the ultimate reward-earning app for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re someone who walks from home to work or enjoys frequent hikes and night-time treks, you’re bound to earn a substantial amount through this app.

It’s simple; the app turns your walking duration into usable currency. They call it walking dollars. Whether you’re walking for exercise, work, or just casually, you can get some revenue for that on the app.

You can use these walking dollar rewards while shopping at Bitwalking stores, or other Bitwalking partner retailers as well. Also, when you’ve earned enough dollars, you can redeem them as hard cash too.

The best part is, you can use this as an incentive to walk more throughout your day and lead a healthier lifestyle while earning rewards at the same time.


If you think taking quizzes and surveys is not for you, why don’t you go for games? Bananatic is a popular gaming app that rewards you for doing activities on the app.

This app is for gamers who spend lots of time in front of their computer screen. Now, they can use their screen time to earn some income to play more games. Yes, Bananatic pays gamers rewards for in-game purchases and premium versions so that they can move forward with their favorite games.

Earning these rewards is easy, you have to play sponsored games on the site, and earn gaming rewards for yourself.

There are lots of gaming tasks you can choose from, such as completing game quests, installing new games, buying gaming products, and referring the app to your friends.


AppBounty is an app that introduces you to lots of money-making and earning apps online. Once you install this app, you’ll get a list of sponsored apps that you can download and earn rewards.

After you download some apps from the list, you will get points from AppBounty. All you have to do is use your newly downloaded app for at least 30 seconds. Five hundred points on AppBounty are worth $1. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than surfing away on the internet for nothing.

You can use your points to collect money through PayPal or unlock various gift cards according to the points you have. It’s a reliable and highly-rated app for both iOS and Android users.


Cosign is one of the best apps to earn rewards by posting on social media. People who’re always sharing something or the other on social media platforms can tag other people on their posts through Cosign and get some benefits.

The app has a long list of partner retailers from the food, beauty, tech, and clothing industries. This means whatever you post about; you can easily find a way to tag a brand from cosign’s list. The main catch is, you’ll only get the rewards if some of your social media friends purchase the product.

Most importantly, you can become a social media influencer yourself using Cosign. Rather than wasting your time away with meaningless posts, you can share your usual content with a focused approach.

The more your reviews prove beneficial, the more people trust you and purchase your recommendations. In turn, you can earn more from Cosign. Moreover, the app directly transfers your earnings to your bank account.

What’s more important is, you can only collect the amount when your savings reach above $40.


Gigwalk is a genuine earning app for internet users who are serious about making some cash online. It merely tracks part-time gigs you can go for around you. The app has an in-built map that tracks gig opportunities near you and alerts you when new jobs are available.

First, you’ll need to create a profile when you sign up so that the app can show you gigs according to your expertise. After that, you can choose from jobs like babysitting, walking pets, delivering products, or running random errands.

All the gigs you get from Gigwalk can be completed in a few minutes. This makes it an excellent option for people who’re looking to use their free time productively. However, how many gigs you get highly depends on your location.

Final Words

That wraps up our list for the best apps to earn rewards online. Most of us waste our free time gaming and just browsing the internet. Even if you want to have some fun on the internet, you can do so and earn money at the same time using these great apps we’ve listed for you.

However, when looking for rewards apps online, make sure the platforms you sign up for are reliable and legit. This way, your personal identity, and information won’t be at risk while you earn your rewards.

On the contrary, scam sites can lead you into serious trouble, and you may end up working in exchange for zero rewards. Check the reviews and ratings carefully before investing your time in a rewards app, and you can surely earn some great prizes.

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