The 3 Best Investments You Can Make In 2018

What’s a good investment? The basic definition is something you put money into which will provide you with a profit when you sell it. There are hundreds of examples of significant investments all over the world right now. Likewise, there have been things in the past that proved to be very effective investments. Today, I want to think about what’s a good investment for 2018? What things are around right now that could make us some serious dollar in the future?

Naturally, the best way to guarantee yourself of investment success is to follow the fundamental principle of buy low, sell high. As a consequence, I’m trying to look for things that aren’t too expensive right now but have a lot of room to grow in the future. This is beneficial because it means the profit potentials are enormous, but if things don’t work out, then you won’t lose too much money.

Regardless, here are the best investments you can make right now:

best investments for 2018 - bitcoin


There’s been plenty of discussions surrounding cryptocurrency for the last year and a half. People made a lot of money out of it as many cryptocurrencies rose in price. Now, things have cooled off a little bit, but this just means it’s a great time to reinvest. Get yourself a cryptocurrency mining rig, and start investing in some of the cheaper options on the market.

Things like Bitcoin may be out of your reach right now, but there are so many other options out there, like Etherum and Ripple. In fact, even these two are becoming mainstream, there are lots of lesser known ones as well. The reason crypto is a great investment is that there’s always the possibility another market boom can happen.

As such, investing now means you get in while things are cold, and then sell when they’re hot, hot, hot! No one truly believes that this downward turn will last much longer, it’s only a matter of time before things get better and more money can be made.


Those of you that follow the news will probably think this is terrible advice. Why invest in Facebook when it’s going through an absolute horror show right now? Every article you read is filled with negativity, the reputation of this company is going down the pan. As a result, share prices plummetted to the lowest they’ve been in years – which is actually great news for investors.

Remember, the key to making money is buy low, sell high. In a lot of cases, when a company starts falling down and they lose loads of money, you’re encouraged to stay well away from them. The difference with Facebook is that it’s so big and owns so many other things as well, meaning it’s almost impossible for it to fail in the long run.

Things are bad now, but they’re already getting better compared to a month ago. Give it a year, and Facebook will be right back on an upward curve, meaning you can make a lot of money if you get involved while the price is relatively low.


Yes, you should start investing in Mickey Mouse and all of his buddies this year. Disney is a massive company with a huge influence all over the world. The amount of things they own is quite ridiculous. You probably know all the classic Disney characters and stuff like the amusement parks, the different shops, Donald Duck, Goofy, and everyone else.

But, did you know that Disney also bought the rights to a lot of other massive things in the last few years? It’s true, they now have the likes of Star Wars and Marvel under their belts, and there’s even talk of them buying out Fox, which would give them more access to other Marvel characters and goodness knows what else.

Why is this a big deal? Because it means Disney can produce more blockbuster movies, which makes the company even more money. Add to this the reports that they’re releasing their own streaming service, and you suddenly have a Netflix rival in the works as well. All in all, this is an example of a company that’s already doing well but has so much potential to get even bigger and better. Consequently, they’re a wise investment for anyone in 2018.

Right, if you’re looking for an investment to make this year, then here are three different options. Obviously, no one can predict the future, so please don’t assume you’re 100% guaranteed to make money. These ideas are perhaps the safest ones out there, and they definitely give you a better chance of earning a profit compared to others!

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