The Best Tangible Assets You Can Invest In

A lot of investment advice focuses on the stock market or other investments where it can feel a bit like you’re sending your money off into the ether. You might be able to watch their performance, but you don’t exactly have something you can look at and hold. Some people much prefer to consider physical investments, that give them something tangible. Not only can they keep track of its value, but they can also hold it, touch it or even stand inside it. These investments can include anything from real estate to fine jewelry. Deciding which of these is best to invest in can be difficult, but here are some popular choices.

The Best Tangible Assets You Can Invest In

Land and Real Estate

Real estate has to be one of the most popular ways to invest in a physical asset. People all over the world make money from real estate, including by flipping properties, development, renting land and property, and even investing in real estate companies. You can almost always find a good real estate market to invest in, especially if you’re willing to consider international investments. Apart from properties, land can also make a good investment, particularly farmland. It can serve a wide range of uses and farmers and agricultural businesses often need to have flexible access to land because they may require different amounts at different times.

Precious Metals

People have been investing in precious metals for a long time. They include gold, silver, and platinum, each of which has its pros and cons. Platinum makes a fairly volatile investment, so many people prefer to buy gold and silver as they are a bit safer. Both gold and silver can come in coins and bars, which are measured by weight. Coins could also have some collectible value, or you can even invest in precious metals through buying jewelry and other things made from them. Gold tends to hold its value under economic uncertainty, so it’s a popular choice for anyone considering investing in precious metals.


Another way to invest in tangible assets is to consider collectibles. However, it’s important to concentrate on more reliable collectibles that you know are likely to get more valuable. There are some valuables you could be taking a risk on, such as collectible toys. There are collectibles that you can generally regard as good investments. These include things like fine art, stamps, wine, and rare coins. However, it does take some work to make collecting work for you. It’s helpful if you also have a passion for what you’re collecting, but not so much that you can’t let go of anything.


Technically, you could count as a tangible asset too. Your own enjoyment and financial security is one reason to invest in tangible assets like real estate or precious metals, but you can also think about investing in your education and career. For example, spending money to learn something new or gain a certification that will help you in your career is a wise decision.

Investing in tangible assets is a smart move if you want to ensure your investments are diverse. It also helps your investments to feel more real.

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