When You Buy a House, But All Is Not Well!

What could be more frightening than agreeing to buy a house but then finding out that all is not well? This is not common but not uncommon. Many sellers have secrets they’re not telling you.

It might not have anything to do with the house itself, but rather, the area. The home is perfect but have you checked the flood risk of the area? Have you checked about the infrastructure, i.e. does the area suffer power cuts often?

These are the types of questions that catch buyers out all the time. Yet, they can have the biggest impact on your happiness in the new property. So, here’s what to do when you have already agreed to buy a house but have not signed the contract just yet.

Hire a professional!

You need to be ready to hire a professional property conveyancing agent to help you buy a house. They will perform the final duties before a purchase can be made. Conveyancing is simple, they make the larger external checks for you. They will make sure that any property planning laws that might prohibit your future improvement plans are researched, confirmed, and known to you. They will also check for flood risks, as well as earthquake and tornadoes risks.

Any kind of natural event that could damage your home will be told to you. Finally, they will set up a meeting between your solicitor and the seller’s solicitor and agree to the terms of the contract with your legal team. Their job is often overlooked but it’s always the external threats to the home that the seller conveniently leaves out.

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Fixtures and fittings

Knowing the difference between fixtures and fittings is so important. You don’t want to turn up on moving day and some things that you thought were yours, are no longer there. So bring up the following issues with the seller or your solicitor.

  • Are any statues in the garden part of the sale? Water features and sculptures that drew you to the garden and enhanced the price, should stay where they are if there are fixtures.
  • Will any lighting be left, such as chandeliers, pendant ceiling lights or LED lighting fitted in the stairs or garden?
  • Will any appliances part of the property be left where they are?
  • Will the fireplace be left in its place if there is one?

Shortening the sale schedule

If the seller agreed to give you time to get your affairs in order, make all the checks you want, but is not saying they want to shorten the schedule to speed up the sale, you should question why?

They might be trying to hide something, they might genuinely be short of time, or they are trying to rush you into buying a house because you might change your mind. When this occurs, you need to assert your position and refuse if it doesn’t work for you.

Take your time, make all the right checks, allow your conveyancer to do their job, and research the area. Make sure that certain fixtures are not left out of the sale and don’t be bullied into a quick sale.

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