Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Family Car

Getting a car for your family isn’t as easy as you might think, simply because there are quite a few different things to think about when it comes to a family vehicle. There might be extra features that you want to look at, like Isofix features, for example.

You might also want to look at things like certain safety features, autonomous features, and even things like certain space requirements for the trunk, head height, and so on. So here are some tips to help you buy a car that is going to be perfect for your family.

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Understand your budget

As with any car, things start with what you can afford and the kind of budget that you have. Your options will be determined when you know what money is there to spend.

You could start by coming up with a shortlist of things that are important for the car, like running costs, tax for the car, insurance, and the kind of fuel. You could also decide on how you are planning to pay for the car. You could choose cash upfront and outright or  look into monthly finance. Think about your monthly costs and then stick to what you have. 

Prioritize your needs

For family centric cars, having some space in the car is something that is going to be really important. Space for things like a stroller and car seats are likely to take up a lot of space, so space is likely to be something that is on the top list of your needs.

So start thinking about what else is important for you and your needs. How many seats do you need, for example? Do you need to have a reliable and fuel-efficient car, or are top speeds or ease of parking more important to you? Think about your priorities and then you can go from there.

Think about the future

It can be a good idea to start thinking about how long you plan on running the car. At that time, is there a chance that things will change and you’ll need more space or more seats? Do you plan on having more children, for example?

If your family is young and you have a child on the way, then the trunk space is going to be really important, as well as things like Isofix points. Having a car that is more ‘wipe clean’ can also be a good idea with younger children, at least if you want to prolong the life of the car.

If you have older children, then the legroom is likely to be more important. So think long-term, and how long you realistically see yourself needing this kind of car for.

Look at the safety rating

Safety is something that will be paramount importance when you are thinking of a new car that is fit for your family. But the good news is that this day and age, we are in a great place when it comes to safety and testing on cars. There are very few cars that will come back these days without a safety scoring lower than the maximum of five stars.

So checking the safety rating is important, to make sure that you’re not choosing one of the ones that aren’t rated well. It can be a good idea to check the detailed ratings for cars that you are thinking of getting. There will be some that offer a better rating for safety for the child seats, so look into all of the aspects of safety.

Pick the right body style

The standard saloon shape of a car with four doors is pretty traditional for a family car. But despite most cars of this shape having a large trunk, they often offer very limited options when it comes to the seats and the cabin. If you choose a five-door, for example, then it could be a better option for flexibility, as it leaves the trunk separate from the main cabin of the car.

Estate cars can be a good option if you have a pet or do have a lot of things to transport at one (like bikes and a stroller, for example). An SUV style of car could be better for cabin space, but not for other space. So it can vary depending on what you are looking at. So thinking about the cabin space is a must.

There are several aspects to think about when it comes to your car and how it best suits your family. Do your research and you’ll find the right one for you. 

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