MoneyLion Review – Personal Loans, Credit Monitoring, Rewards, and More


Did you know that 70% of Americans reportedly wouldn’t be able to cover a $2,000 unexpected expense? Perhaps this figure isn’t surprising, especially if you’re in the same boat. So, what happens when huge expenses arise out of nowhere? Typically, people either put the expense on their credit cards – and rack up more debt as a result of high interest rates – or take out a personal loan (also with considerably high interest) to cover the emergency costs. This can be a serious setback for anyone trying to improve their financial situation, but at last, a better option exists – MoneyLion. Founded in 2013, MoneyLion has become immensely popular among consumers due to its easy-to-use app and rewards-based program … Read more

Swagbucks Review – How To Earn Easy Money With Swagbucks

Make Money With Paid Online Surveys

Make Money With Paid Online SurveysSwagbucks is the largest online rewards website, allowing its users to earn rewards like Amazon or Target gift cards for their online activity. They have created a safe and easy way for their 5 million users to earn and be rewarded by spending their time online wisely. Here is my Swagbucks review.

There are many ways to earn on Swagbucks, some of the more popular are searching online, taking surveys, shopping online, and watching videos. To date, Swagbucks has distributed over $27 million dollars in rewards.  Sign up with and start earning today.

Join and earn 1,000s of free prizes, for doing the things you do every day. Register Today!

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is safe, no strings, no gimmicks, quick and simple way to earn online. Earn Swag Bucks that can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.

It is free to join, and you can use your rewards to pay bills or purchase gifts. It’s like frequent flyer miles for being online. Members earn virtual currency for everyday web activity.

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Top ways to earn: Search, Special Offers, Surveys and Daily Deals

  • Search – Search online and earn using Swagbucks search engine
  • Special Offers – Complete offers and earn.   For example: sign up for a free Netflix trial and earn 1,000 Swagbucks.  Enough for 2 $5 Amazon gift cards
  • Surveys – Earn by giving your opinion in online surveys
  • Daily Deals – Earn when you purchase a Groupon or other daily deals

How To Earn Money With Swagbucks: Search

Every day we search through Google to find answers, at Swagbucks you can earn by searching the web.  Be smart with your time, using Swagbucks search engine takes no additional time to use.  Same great search results you would receive from other search engines plus you are earning!

  • Same great search results you would receive from other search engines
  • Easy way to earn for something you already do online
  • Earning tip: set Swagbucks search page as your homepage
  • Download the Swagbucks toolbar to conveniently do searches anytime

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Student Loan Hero Review – How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Fast

Student Loan Hero ReviewHow far would you go to pay off your student loans? While 40% of borrowers from a recent survey would reportedly be willing to take a year off of their life expectancy in exchange for debt-free living, such drastic measures aren’t necessary thanks to helpful websites such as Student Loan Hero.

Student Loan Hero was founded by a man who struggled, yet successfully paid off over $100,000 in student loans. Given the shocking statistics surrounding student loans, he wanted to help others pay off their loans as efficiently as possible, which led him to create the free Student Loan Hero platform.

What Is Student Loan Hero?

Student Loan Hero is a fantastic resource to start if you’re looking for ways to pay off student loan debt faster.

Here are some key features you won’t want to miss about Student Loan Hero:

Student Loan Hero’s Features

Student Loan Hero’s dashboard was clearly designed for ease-of-use, with a simple navigation toolbar at the top and useful visuals to help you chart your loan repayment progress. Student Loan Hero’s purpose is pretty straightforward: to help other people repay their student loans faster by offering a vast database of information (on nearly every student loan-related topic imaginable). And, the site also links to useful websites to help folks lower their debt loads or learn whether their loans are eligible for one of the many available loan forgiveness programs.

Student Loan Hero even covers topics like student loan default to help anyone bogged down with educational debt get back on their feet without serious detriment to their personal financial situation. No matter where you’re at in your student loan repayment process – just took out loans, trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of debt, or on the verge of finally paying off your balances and need some more help – Student Loan Hero is a great resource for helping people with their student loans, free-of-charge.

Personalized Repayment Options

If you want to reduce your student loan interest payments, then consolidating multiple loans into one loan with a lower interest rate could be an ideal choice. Student Loan Hero lists several low-interest refinancing options from private lenders, with rates ranging from 2.10% to 9.85%, depending on your financial history and credit background.

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Review of Haven Life – Buy a Term Life Insurance Policy 100% Online

Review of Haven Life – Buy a Term Life Insurance Policy 100% Online

If you’ve followed Money Q&A for any amount of time, you’re probably aware of how I feel about life insurance. I’m a huge fan of term life insurance. Term life insurance, in my opinion, is the only way to go. I recently realized that I don’t have enough life insurance coverage for my wife. Even though she is a stay-at-home mom, the paltry amount of life insurance coverage that I have on her through my work just isn’t enough. There are so many benefits that stay-at-home parents provide for the family. And, those costs are easy to overlook if you’re not careful. Stay-at-home spouses don’t have any income. And, life insurance is meant to be an income replacement tool to … Read more

Digit Review – How To Easily Save Money On Your Smartphone Without Realizing

Easily Save Money On Your Smartphone By Texting With Digit

What is Digit?What is Digit? I’ve been obsessed with Digit, the money saving app and website, ever since early last year when I heard about it from my buddy J. Money over a Budgets Are Sexy. I’m always looking for cool and interesting ways to trick myself into saving money. And, when I heard about Digit, I just had to try it out for myself.

I’ve been saving money through Digit for the past year, and now I’m starting to have friends and relatives ask questions about the money saving smartphone app and the service that Digit provides. So, I figured that I should just let everyone know about the great experience that I’ve had with Digit so far during my 15+ months of trying the service out.

What is Digit? Save Money On Your Smartphone With Digit

I’m a huge fan of Digit, and I use the service everyday to help save money without me even knowing it. I highly recommend everyone checking Digit out.

What Is Digit?

Digit is a free smartphone app and financial service that evaluates your spending habits, transfers money to a savings account from your checking, and helps you save money without even letting you realize that’s what’s going on. It’s often seamless and transparent to you.

After you link your checking account to the app, Digit studies your day-to-day spending habits. The service looks for areas and opportunities where it can save pennies or a few dollars every two or three days where you won’t even notice the amounts coming out of your checking account and moved into your Digit savings account.

Digit watches several attributes of your checking account. The service looks at your checking account balance, upcoming deposits that have been historically made in the past, any upcoming bills you might have, and your recent spending patterns. These are the factors the app looks at when deciding how much money to squirrel away for you every few days.

Digit’s algorithm determines a nonessential amount of money that you won’t notice the app moving from your checking account to a Digit savings account. The amount is based on how much you’ve earned as well as spent in the past.

Digit’s savings accounts are insured like regular brick and mortar banks with FDIC insurance for account balances of up to $250,000.

Want to save cash without thinking about it? Check out @hellodigit, it's like magic. And it’s free!Click To Tweet

The Best Thing About the Digit Savings App

The best thing about Digit is its simplicity. The app and service make it amazingly easy to save money. There is no action that you need to take. You simply link your checking account to the app, and the service does that rest.

It saves you money in the background without you having to do anything, without you noticing, without it interfering with your life. It doesn’t get more simpler than that. But, if you wanted to interact and save even more, then you’re able to do that too!

Easily Save Money On Your Smartphone By Texting With DigitHere’s what their smartphone all and my account looks like with Digit. It is super simple, even with their design. They make it simple to save, and the app keeps it simple too.

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